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Second BFFL is almost as bad - she's a honey chilli girl and it took her less than a minute to order her favourite chicken dish.
Third BFFL is a true bargain queen and was determined to get the most for her money so, while we all settled for a main course, she took the three-course option.
The Premier healthcare alliance today announced a new SEEDS[TM] agreement for personal care kits and components products has been awarded to BFFL Co.
Hospitals have an opportunity to differentiate the care experience they provide for new moms," states Elizabeth Thompson, MPH, MD and CEO of BFFL Co.
To improve the postpartum care experience, BFFL Co.
BFFL Co combines proprietary medical care items with thoughtful personal products to enhance patient comfort, rejuvenation and empowerment while demonstrating the utmost respect for patient dignity.