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hand over the baton

To bestow a particular responsibility or job on someone. The phrase refers to a relay race in which one runner literally passes a baton to the next runner. I have so much work to do now that my boss has retired and handed over the baton to me.
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pass the baton


hand over the baton

If you pass the baton or hand over the baton to someone, you give them responsibility for something. Does this mean that the baton of leadership is going to be passed to other nations? Last year, he handed over the baton to his younger colleague. Note: You can also say that you pick up the baton, meaning that you take over responsibility for something from someone else. Now, Colin's son, Clive, has picked up the baton and the company has a bright future. Note: In a relay race, team members pass on a baton as they finish running their stage of the race.
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pass (or hand) on the baton

hand over a particular duty or responsibility.
In athletics, the baton is the short stick or rod passed from one runner to the next in a relay race. The related phrases pick up or take up the baton mean ‘accept a duty or responsibility’. Compare with hand on the torch (at torch).
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under the baton of

(of an orchestra or choir) conducted by.
The baton here is the rod used by the conductor.
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