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He said Aying of the University of San Carlos (USC) Baby Warriors was ineligible as ruled by the Cesafi screening committee and affirmed by the Board of Trustees, including the president of the university where Aying is enrolled.
Cesafi officials said the "status quo" would mean the situation where Aying was not allowed to play, but Aying's lawyer said this was not the legal definition of status quo, which refers to the last peaceful, uncontested standing of the parties before the controversy broke.
Aying was first allowed to play and later on disqualified, said Gonzales,"hence, the controversy started when Aying was maliciously disqualified without due process.
For now, we decided to postpone the game involving the team of Aying until we get a clarification from the court.
13, spouses Danilo and Avah Aying went to court saying their son was "unjustly" deprived by Cesafi's two-year residency rule from playing in this year's basketball games.