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labor under (something)

To live, function, or operate while believing something or holding an assumption of some kind, especially something that is not or may not be true. We all labored under the assumption that we would be getting paid overtime, so we all nearly quit when we realized that wasn't the case These politicians want us all to labor under the notion that they're our friends, looking out for our interests first and foremost.
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labor under an assumption

Fig. to function or operate believing something; to go about living while assuming something [that may not be so]. I was laboring under the idea that we were going to share the profits equally. Are you laboring under the notion that you are going to be promoted?
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In many cases, the assumptions that mentally fill in these gaps are implicit.
Notice that this statement contains two possible fact assumptions; "She'll hold a grudge" and "She'll probably marginalize my position to the rest of the department," as well as a speculative assumption; "She won't like what I have to say."
Assessments that predict widespread economic harm from emissions reductions tend to be based on a contrary set of assumptions:
The CCR appoints the special servicer for the CMBS trust and, in the case of loan assumptions, may require the special servicer to obtain its independent approval.
* Practitioners may make reasonable assumptions regarding favorable resolution of a Federal tax issue, provided the opinion identifies in a separate section all issues for which the practitioner assumed a favorable resolution.
The simple linear regression equation relating these two variables was also generated but a check of the assumptions for making inferences would need to be evaluated first.
"We make assumptions based on attacks around the world, on what the Pentagon and State Department have recommended based on experience with buildings likely to be targeted.
In this regard, helping the victims of trauma requires crisis interveners to become aware of their own cultural assumptions; demonstrate an ability to communicate an understanding, acceptance and appreciation of cultural differences; and identify available resources from the victim's culture to assist with crisis resolution and aftercare.
All people have implicit assumptions, often existing outside conscious awareness, about a range of human attributes.
London: The upward revision of aluminium, hard coking coal and thermal coal price assumptions in Fitch Ratings' latest review reflect expected supply constraints.
Bikram Vohra's article on the disastrous effects of assumptions made an interesting read.
Avoid embedded assumptions. Users should avoid embedding their assumptions in formulas for several reasons.
And there are recipes of Assumptions girls' favorite fare (Assumption Tart) as well as some capricious ones (Poison for One's Mother-in-Law).
Assumptions seem to be the antithesis of the systematic design of instruction--the systems approach generally, and instructional design specifically.
Generally speaking, in light of the three assumptions about the Omani populations' total fertility rates; which assume that the total fertility rate will decrease during the projection period; it appears that the populations increase in the three assumptions.