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Different from soliloquies in that they are not self-directed speeches, asides are lines spoken by actors or characters directly to audience members--instances of "breaking the fourth wall." Although soliloquies and asides both communicate ideas to the audience, Rosalinda Simone argues in "Asides as Discourse: The Pendulum of Power Between the Sexes in Shakespeare's Richard III and Titus Andronicus" that the techniques appeal to two distinct relationships: "The character's relationship with the audience is emphasized through the aside, as opposed to the playwright's relationship to the audience in the soliloquy" (2008, p.
We think that Midland bird populations as a whole would crash if set asides go.
The main difference between Corneille's early asides on the one hand, and Moliere's on the other, is in that Scapin's repeatedly unheard replies to Argante's questions are definitely not meant to reveal his thought process.
(3) Percy Simpson's Shakespearian Punctuation (1911), 95f., discusses Ben Jonson's use of brackets to indicate asides. He cites the following:
At issue is the provision of the Small Business Act requiring agencies to set aside contracts in that dollar range for small businesses.
The government has established a few mitigating rules, setting aside a portion of the frequencies for minority-owned businesses and limiting how much frequency any existing cellular company can control in a given service area.
Laws governing the 8(a) and SDV programs say a contract "may" be set aside in those categories.
Ruling on a protest by Mission Critical Solutions of Tampa, FL, GAO told the Army it should have considered a HUBZone set-aside for a follow-on contract for IT support even though the work had previously been set aside for an 8(a) firm.
In deciding a bid protest, GAO declared the parity rule is contrary to law, because the law says a contract "shall" be set aside if two or more HUBZone firms are ready and able to do the work at a reasonable price.
SBA intends to expand its women's contracting program to allow set-asides in 31 industries, rather than the four industries in its previous proposal, but it will not retreat from one controversial requirement: Before any contract can be set aside for woman-owned firms, the procuring agency must show that it has discriminated against women in that industry.
Army: will set aside contracts for (1) building construction, NAICS sector 236; heavy and civil engineering construction, sector 237; and specialty trade contractors in NAICS codes 238110, 238290 and 238350; (2) architect and engineering services, including surveying and mapping; (3) refuse systems and related services.
Espinoza contends the Small Business Act mandates that all such contracts to be set aside for small firms.
The Act requires contracts between $3,000 and $100,000 to be set aside if small businesses are capable of fulfilling them.