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For the purposes of this article, we will focus specifically on asides rather than all other forms of direct address.
We think that Midland bird populations as a whole would crash if set asides go.
In this sense, Corneille's stream-of-confidence asides are just as much a valid piece of information for the spectator as they are the articulation of the charac ter's identity.
1) Sometimes the existence of an aside is only indicated by what is said in the regular dialogue, describing an actual movement away from the person being spoken to, as in the following two instances:
SBA is supporting the protestor's contention that GSA schedule orders must be set aside if they fall between $3,000, the micropurchase threshold, and $100,000, the simplified acquisition threshold.
Federal Communications Commission about whether the cable industry's free-speech rights, are being trampled by a 1992 federal law that requires cable systems to set aside up to one-third of their channels for local broadcasts.
The law creating the HUBZone program states that a contract "shall" be set aside for HUBZone companies if two of them are capable of performing the work.
In deciding a bid protest, GAO declared the parity rule is contrary to law, because the law says a contract "shall" be set aside if two or more HUBZone firms are ready and able to do the work at a reasonable price.
Army: will set aside contracts for (1) building construction, NAICS sector 236; heavy and civil engineering construction, sector 237; and specialty trade contractors in NAICS codes 238110, 238290 and 238350; (2) architect and engineering services, including surveying and mapping; (3) refuse systems and related services.