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make arrangements for someone

to plan accommodations for someone. John is coming for a visit next week. Please make arrangements for him at the hotel. I will make arrangements for everyone when I call the hotel.
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make arrangements to do something

to plan to do something; to facilitate the doing of something. Please make arrangements to have all this stuff hauled away. We will make arrangements to be there on time.
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make arrangements (with someone) (for something)

to make plans with someone for something. I will make arrangements with Fred for the loan. We can make arrangements for a car with the manager.
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make the arrangements

Euph. to arrange a funeral. A funeral services practitioner will be happy to help you make the arrangements. When my father died, I was the one who made the arrangements.
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make arrangements for

Plan or prepare for someone or something, as in Who is making all the arrangements for our sales meeting? This expression employs arrangements in the sense of "measures or preparations for a particular purpose," a usage dating from the late 1700s.
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ALL NQDC ARRANGEMENTS MUST FOLLOW section 409A unless specifically exempted.
are particularly symmetrical arrangements known as the [E.
The IRS has proposed regulations for split-dollar life insurance arrangements.
22, 1999, was written in response to a query by a laboratory provider concerning an earlier Advisory Opinion (AO 99-2, February 1999) in which discount arrangements for ambulance services provided to SNFs were addressed.
Seven states have reciprocal contractual arrangements with New York, and with minimal effort, licensed New York brokers may obtain reciprocal brokerage licenses.
As nursing homes move toward subacute care, they are finding opportunities for innovative joint venture arrangements with hospitals.
Patrick Parkinson and Jeff Stehm-Staff, Board of Governors Adam Gilbert, Emily Gollob, Lauren Hargraves, Richard Mead, and Mary Ann Taylor-Staff, Federal Reserve Bank of New York Prepared as a staff study in fall 1991 Interest in clearance and settlement arrangements in securities markets by the Federal Reserve and other central banks reflects an increasing awareness that disturbances in settlement processes in those markets can adversely affect the stability of payment systems and the integrity of the financial system generally.
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