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(as) happy as a duck in Arizona

Unhappy or miserable. The predominately dry, desert environment of Arizona is meant to contrast with a duck's aquatic habitat. Her date never showed up, so she's about as happy as a duck in Arizona right now. You didn't hand in your report on time? Ah, so that's why the boss is happy as a duck in Arizona. I'm not surprised Luke resigned—he's been as happy as a duck in Arizona since getting passed over for yet another promotion.
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happy as a duck in Arizona

Unhappy. Ducks like water. Arizona is a largely arid state. Ergo, an unhappy person would be as unhappy as a teal in Tucson. Contrast that condition with someone who is as happy as a clam at high tide or as a flea in a doghouse.
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It seems the law is popular with Arizonans and resonates with many Americans in the other 49 states, many of who are fed up with federal inaction on immigration reform.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-March 3, 2016-House committee passes bill to offer additional financial options to Arizonans
It was fertile ground for Arizonan's message, and the initial boomlet for a national Goldwater candidacy --as Richard Nixon's vice-presidential candidate in 1960--owed much to a spontaneously formed Youth for Goldwater group.
HB 2547 and HB 2557 go against the wishes of Arizonans, the majority of whom oppose the transfer of public lands to the state.
I am proud to protect that right; proud to serve; and proud to have the opportunity to continue to make government work for the benefit of all Arizonans.
Simply put, when Arizonans shop local and bank local, it ensures the flow of money stays in the market and results in economic growth and vitality.
And the National Taxpayers Union took a particular swat at the practice of California authorities of seizing the bank deposits of Arizonans who have refused to pay the levy, saying it "equates to a cross-border raid.''
"Running in to grab a gallon of milk" is now synonymous with "running in to get that nagging earache treated" for Arizonans living in the Phoenix area thanks to five more Akos Med Clinics now open in Safeway stores in Scottsdale (2), Ahwatukee, Chandler, and Laveen, the company said.
Arizona Public Service and First Solar are bringing a first-of-its-kind 50-megawatt solar-fueled battery to the desert to provide clean power to Arizonans on hot summer days.
Salman, as well as to other Arizonans who are atheist, humanist, agnostic, or of minority faiths: their beliefs regarding religion are unwelcome in the House of Representatives."
ARIZONANS AREN'T BIG fansofbeing nagged about the weight of their feet on their accelerators.
But to Arizonans, the saguaro is far more than a popculture fixture or black-market commodity.
Roughly 47 percent chose "waste of money" while 34 percent went with "effective barrier." The remaining respondents picked neither. Most Arizonans also thought Trump's claim that Mexico would pay for the wall was "not realistic," Reuters reported. 
The Illinois tandem took the first game 21-15 before the Arizonans rallied to win in 21-14, 11-4 tiebreaker.
Created as an executive agency in 1975, the Arizona Office of Tourism (AOT) is charged with enhancing the state's economy and the quality of life for all Arizonans by expanding travel activity and increasing related revenues through tourism promotion.