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Queen Anne is dead

A sarcastic phrase said in response to outdated news. A: "Did you know that Kelly is getting a divorce?" B: "Oh please, that happened months ago. Did you know that Queen Anne is dead?"
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Queen Anne's dead

used humorously or ironically to suggest that a piece of supposed ‘news’ is in fact stale, or more broadly that a person who says something is simply stating the obvious or restating a well-worn or accepted truth. informal
The expression is first recorded in 1798 , by which time Queen Anne had indeed been dead for 84 years; but there is evidence of an earlier version, ‘Queen Elizabeth is dead’, from the 1730s.
2005 Liverpool Daily Echo ‘McFadden's gone past the three French players there’, said Lawrenson , who can also tell us that Queen Anne is dead, night follows day and bears defecate in the woods.
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Picture from Life and Tradition in Rural Wales by J Geraint Jenkins, courtesy of Amberley Publishing Christine Birch of Llanrhychwyn, near Trefriw, pictured in January 1991, creating a rag rug Iwona Regini and Catherine Anning making candles at a medieval reconstruction at Rhuddlan Castle in June 1994 Stuart McPherson of LlanfairTH carves a rocking horse, in January 1992.
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roacromance wionesy or you coud miss ouon earing e words someone is anning on eing you.
Mary Anning (1799-1847) was an uneducated working-class woman, living on the edge of poverty in a culture in which social standing, wealth, education, and gender set the boundaries of a strict caste system.