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Queen Anne is dead

A sarcastic phrase said in response to outdated news. A: "Did you know that Kelly is getting a divorce?" B: "Oh please, that happened months ago. Did you know that Queen Anne is dead?"
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Queen Anne's dead

used humorously or ironically to suggest that a piece of supposed ‘news’ is in fact stale, or more broadly that a person who says something is simply stating the obvious or restating a well-worn or accepted truth. informal
The expression is first recorded in 1798 , by which time Queen Anne had indeed been dead for 84 years; but there is evidence of an earlier version, ‘Queen Elizabeth is dead’, from the 1730s.
2005 Liverpool Daily Echo ‘McFadden's gone past the three French players there’, said Lawrenson , who can also tell us that Queen Anne is dead, night follows day and bears defecate in the woods.
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"It's time you went to bed," decreed Anne, by way of getting out of the scrape.
After Davy had gone to bed Anne wandered down to Victoria Island and sat there alone, curtained with fine-spun, moonlit gloom, while the water laughed around her in a duet of brook and wind.
Anne said no more until they turned into their own lane.
"If you'll be a good girl you'll always be happy, Anne. And you should never find it hard to say your prayers."
"Saying one's prayers isn't exactly the same thing as praying," said Anne meditatively.
Release date- 26082019 - Lancaster, PA - Auntie Anne's, the world's largest hand-rolled soft pretzel franchise, is partnering with Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF), for the eighth year, to take a stand to end childhood cancer.
com) - August 1, 2019 - 2:07pm MANILA, Philippines Blogger and restaurateur Erwan Heussaff teased his wife, actress Anne Curtis Smith, for exchanging tweets again with Korean star Park Bo Gum.
The Anne Frank Trust UK is joining forces with leading Sefton adult social care provider New Directions to mount the event early next month at the Strand Shopping Centre in the town.
Anne Lister Weekend takes places around Halifax following the final episode of series one of Gentleman Jack on BBC1 on Sunday at 9pm.
There's been a huge boom in Anne Frank kidlit in recent years.
Stephen works on Saturday Night Takeaway and Britain's Got More Talent with Dec, so he was amazed to bump into Anne.
With over 25 million copies sold, the diary of Anne Frank was a great insight into the holocaust experience of a young girl.
In the book "( The Royals ," author Kitty Kelley said that during one of the siblings' tours, Prince Charles was believed to be ingratiating and Princess Anne dismissive.
Anne (nee Law), most recently of Dunipace, was depute head of the radiography department in Falkirk Royal Infirmary for several years.
Anne succeeded in the first challenge despite having slime and offal poured on her and yelling "get off".