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Queen Anne is dead

A sarcastic phrase said in response to outdated news. A: "Did you know that Kelly is getting a divorce?" B: "Oh please, that happened months ago. Did you know that Queen Anne is dead?"
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Queen Anne's dead

used humorously or ironically to suggest that a piece of supposed ‘news’ is in fact stale, or more broadly that a person who says something is simply stating the obvious or restating a well-worn or accepted truth. informal
The expression is first recorded in 1798 , by which time Queen Anne had indeed been dead for 84 years; but there is evidence of an earlier version, ‘Queen Elizabeth is dead’, from the 1730s.
2005 Liverpool Daily Echo ‘McFadden's gone past the three French players there’, said Lawrenson , who can also tell us that Queen Anne is dead, night follows day and bears defecate in the woods.
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Anne sutu, beslenme surecinde uygun buyume icin gerekli besin ogelerini karsilamakta, uygun hidrasyon icin gerekli suyu saglamakta, enfeksiyonlar ve alerjiden koruyucu etmenler icermekte, anne ve bebek arasindaki bagin olusmasinda rol almaktadir.
Anne said: "He's one of those cheeky chaps and, like me, he's very down to earth and easy going.
To date, much attention has been given to tracing the paths that led to the creation of Anne and her world.
But modest Anne stresses the project, which also aims to build a state of the art health centre next to the place of worship, is a labour of love for the whole community and not her alone.
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