American dream

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the American Dream

1. The belief that anyone can succeed (often with an emphasis on material gain) through hard work. The American Dream feels less attainable the more I am crushed by student loans.
2. The achievement of wealth and success. After years of hard work, we finally have a big house and successful careers. We're living the American Dream.
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American dream

the idealistic notion that Americans are preoccupied with obtaining certain materialistic goals. The American dream of home ownership, a car in the garage, and a chicken in every pot started in the early thirties.
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American dream, the

The image of prosperity, achievable through hard work. A political cliché invoked by candidates, it was used by Alexis de Tocqueville in Democracy in America (1835) but may be even older. In 1975 psychoanalyst David Abrahansen was quoted as saying, “The American dream is in part responsible for a great deal of crime and violence, because people feel that the country owes them not only a living but a good living.” A similar cliché of even less precise definition is the American way, evoking an image of democracy, fairness, and other desirable traits.
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If this is the case, Rifkin argues, the American Dream will lose its appeal to the millions around the world still "yearning to be free."
In San Jose, Councilwoman Nora Campos organized a panel discussion focusing on the growing income gaps and the importance of local efforts to ensure access to the American dream.
A similarly sized improvementin Republican perceptions of the attainability of the American dream took place after President Donald Trump was elected.
"America first" might never shed the stain of virulent racism and anti-Semitism, but the American dream, she suggests, has a real and discernible meaning located in its origins, one that gives "voice to principled appeals for a more generous way of life."
The reason of being specific about American people is that they have an aim, inspiration and insight in form of American Dream. A Dream which illuminated and enlightened the American people of eighteenth and nineteenth centuries but in twentieth century it has been turned into flabby and slack interpretations of decaying American thought and spirit.
Martha Rosler: Of course, what Donald Trump was trying to say was that the American Dream depends on a kind of bellicose militarism.
Although the connections between Mayerson's chosen subjects weren't always immediately clear, the artist took pains to elaborate on the exhibition's unifying themes in a recent interview: "For me, ["My American Dream" is] about [my male partner] and I; we've been together twenty-six years and we got married the first Sunday you could in California....
Some 18% say they are fully living the American Dream; 36% maintain they are living parts of it; 28% feel it is within reach; and 18% think it is completely unattainable.
I think it is unfair to pick out the one number that does not really fit into the score - American Dream, purely because it is the one number that has the glamour and glitz usually associated with musicals.
Profane Parables: Film and the American Dream, Matthew S.
Synopsis: In "A Faltering American Dream: Excessive Accumulation of Money and Power Through the Federal Elections Market", economic researcher, scientist and academician, Robert W.
The Latino/a American Dream provides a fine set of essays by social scientists who explore the interactions, achievements, and obstacles of Latinos as they reach for the American dream, considering the economics, history, social challenges and perceptions of this dream and how it differs between recent Latino immigrants and those a few generations later.
West Chester, PA, July 16, 2016 --( On the heels of the country's July 4th celebration, PrimePay, LLC, announced the launch of its $30,000 American Dream Giveaway.
In this study of American cultural and religion, the author examines the American dream as part of American civil religion.
Homeownership--the American dream. A vision created in the post-World War II boom, when returning military from the Greatest Generation began populating Levittowns and suburbs all over the country.
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