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alternative facts

A phrase used by Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway in defense of seemingly incorrect information presented by the White House press secretary about the size of the crowd attending US President Donald Trump's inauguration. It was quickly popularized in memes that used the phrase to mean statements that are presented as truthful but contradict factual evidence—ostensibly, lies. An ice cream sundae isn't unhealthy—that's just alternative facts!
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alternative right

An extremely conservative political movement in the US. (Conservative political groups are traditionally referred to as "the Right," while liberal groups are known as "the Left.") Many views of the alternative right are considered radical by other Americans.
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Some of the key players analyzed in the dairy alternatives market report include The Hain Celestial Group (United States), SunOpta (Canada), Earths Own Food Company (Canada), Freedom Foods Group (Australia), Organic Valley (United States), Triballat Noyal (France), Blue Diamond Growers (United States), Daiya Foods Inc.
Rising vegan population and lactose intolerance are driving the market for milk alternatives, rising working women's numbers also enhances the demand of milk alternatives, people nowadays using vegan practices and using milk alternatives.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-December 3, 2015-Klingenstein Fields reports on alternative investments
Frank stressed the most important thing for advisors who use alternatives in their clients' portfolios to remember is "setting expectations and [knowing that alternatives] will act differently from other markets."
In both procedures, the contingencies associated with the two initial links (vertical and horizontal lines) were counterbalanced, as were the colors associated with the discriminative stimulus and nondiscriminative stimulus alternatives. For both groups each session involved a total of 96 trials.
For independent advisors, the resurgence in popularity of the these true alternative investments since 2008 has created something of a conundrum: Without offering them to clients, advisors find it's increasingly difficult to compete with wirehouse brokers, yet due to issues with liquidity and valuation, traditional custodians and BDs have largely declined to provide access to alternatives, except through ETFs and other indexed products.
Once reserved almost exclusively for accredited and institutional investors, alternatives are now a viable tool for investors of varying profiles, including seniors, for whom they are often used to generate income and/or solid fixed returns while mitigating volatility.
"According to Cerulli data, the number of sales staff dedicated to alternative products increased 54 percent from 2012 to 2013 among managers that distributed alternatives to both retail and institutional clients."
* Head of alternatives, product management/development (78 percent vs.
The why is simple: Alternatives seek to smooth the highs and lows associated with investing in traditional asset classes alone.
The EPA has released the final report on alternatives to nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPE) through the Design for the Environment (DfE) Alternatives Assessment Program.
Officials from the Navajo Nation, the Oceti Sakowin Education Consortium, and the Miccosukee Tribe have begun to develop alternatives to state AYP definitions, in part to make standards and assessments reflect their culture, while officials of other tribal groups have cited challenges, such as a lack of expertise, as reasons not to pursue alternatives.
As activity alternatives and reporting alternatives were required for each objective, the teacher candidate required the elementary student to create a presentation depicting five interesting facts about the wall (activity alternative) and then to share the presentation with two classmates (reporting alternative).
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