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alternative facts

A phrase used by Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway in defense of seemingly incorrect information presented by the White House press secretary about the size of the crowd attending US President Donald Trump's inauguration. It was quickly popularized in memes that used the phrase to mean statements that are presented as truthful but contradict factual evidence—ostensibly, lies. An ice cream sundae isn't unhealthy—that's just alternative facts!
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alternative right

An extremely conservative political movement in the US. (Conservative political groups are traditionally referred to as "the Right," while liberal groups are known as "the Left.") Many views of the alternative right are considered radical by other Americans.
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This would favor gas-electric alternatives like the Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight, which are selling well even though they cost about 10 percent more than a comparable gas-burner.
To meet this challenge, agents and brokers must recognize the benefits of moving away from the traditional approach and capitalizing on the strategic advantages in the alternative market.
In April 1977, in the midst of an "energy crisis," President Jimmy Carter began a bold initiative to develop solar energy and other alternative fuels when he unveiled his National Energy Plan, which included setting an example by placing solar panels on the White House.
The survey conservatively gauges the popularity of alternative therapies among people with mental conditions, since it focused only on practitioner-guided approaches.
Products made from spelt, amaranth, quinoa, kamut and other wheat alternatives can be purchased at most health food stories, CONTACT: Allergy Resources, (800) 873-3529; Arrowhead Mills, (806)364-0730; Eden Foods, (800)248-0301; Ener-G Foods, (800)331-5222; G.
And alternatives are, in fact, the stock in trade of orthodox physicians, stresses William London, Director of Public Health at the American Council on Science and Health in New York.
People eat menu alternatives and additions because it is a food they want.
For rigid polyurethane foams, the program will further break down the CFC alternatives according to application.
By performing similar semantic gymnastics, the New Jersey Medical Society has blocked PAs from using relatively simple technologies like ultrasound and kidney dialysis equipment; the Massachusetts Medical Society has helped defeat new legislation that would allow pharmacists to offer free blood-pressure testing; and other states have prevented the expansion of alternative care practitioners' hospital privileges and their authority to prescribe drugs or authorize direct insurance reimbursements.
Luminary clinical skills are not enough to guarantee the survival of such programs-a strong clinical base of expertise in alternative therapies is a key success factor.
With the workhorse BHT under suspicion of being a cancer-causing agent, polyolefin suppliers are taking the initiative to find alternatives.
While federal regulatory agencies still require animal tests as the definitive benchmark of human toxicity, several in vitro alternatives are now being considered as potential substitutes for some of these tests.
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