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also known as

Known by another name or description. Often abbreviated "AKA" or "a.k.a." both in speech and in writing. The Affordable Care Act, also known as "Obamacare," came into effect in 2014.
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not only (something), but (also) (something else)

Being, doing, or having one thing as well as something else. She not only speaks five languages, but she is an extraordinary pianist as well. The city is not only very cool and trendy, but also surprisingly affordable.
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Someone who is unimportant or unsuccessful. The phrase originated in horse racing. That guy is definitely an also-ran—his best days in the league are far behind him.


someone of no significance. (From horse racing, used of a horse that finishes a race but that does not finish among the money winners.) Oh, he's just another also-ran. Ignore the also-rans.

They also serve who only stand and wait.

Prov. Sometimes you must be patient and do nothing, even though you would like to be actively helping. (From John Milton's poem, "On His Blindness.") Jill: Can I help? Jane: No, we've got enough people helping. Jill: But I want to help. Jane: They also serve who only stand and wait.
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Loser, failure, unsuccessful individual, as in Jane feared that her candidate, a terrible speaker, would end up as an also-ran, or As for getting promotions, Mark counted himself among the also-rans. This term comes from racing, where it describes a horse that finishes in fourth place or lower or does not finish a race at all. It first appeared in the 1890s in published racing results, and has since been transferred to losers in any kind of competition, and also more broadly to persons who simply don't do well.

also ran

A loser. The term comes from late nineteenth-century horse racing, where it signified a horse that ran a race but failed to win, place, or show. It was later broadened to any kind of competitor—in an election or other contest—who lost.
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Due to their peculiar circumstances, regional planning needs to be distinctive and clearly stand apart from national planning (Huggins and Williams, 2011; see also Peck and McGuinness, 2003), and regional SMEs' exit planning should be no different.
This was also supported by the illustrative examples of Youssef the Jeweler and Hend the Artist.
On the one hand, the left hemisphere, which has logical and rational attributes, thinks better individually, creates many ideas, look at the parts (disregards the set as a whole), it also reasons in a sequential, analytical and objective manner; it is capable of performing complex calculations and plans.
Biofuels are another potential danger area, because although they can emit less carbon than conventional fossil fuels, they also contribute to reducing biodiversity and put further strains on water use, so governments should consider carefully whether to go down the biofuels road, Upton warned.
Don't forget, Domino's is not just for dinner - it also makes a fantastic lunch.
He was also the Commanding General's Aide-de Camp and Commander, Delta Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st School Brigade.
The museum alsos display metalwork, ceramics, precious stones and jewellery, woodwork, textiles, ivory, examples of Islamic calligraphy, ancient books and portraits.
For example a study conducted by Alsos and Ljunggren (1998), identified several differences between female and male entrepreneurs in terms of the entrepreneurial activities carried out during the startup process.
Camera (color, widescreen), Philip Ogaard; editors, Thomas Tang, Jan-Olof Svarvar; music, Marl Boine, Svein Schultz, Herman Rundberg; production designer, Kalli Juliusson; costume designer, Karin Sundvall; sound (Dolby SRD), Per Bostrom; associate producers, Lasse Greve Alsos, Pal Rood.
A este respecto, Alsos y Ljunnggren (1988) senalan que, asumiendo que las habilidades empresariales esten igualmente distribuidas entre la poblacion con independencia del genero, el bajo ratio de empresarias femeninas se debe a que las mujeres se tienen que enfrentar a barreras y obstaculos particulares de su sexo en el proceso de creacion de empresas.
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Es asi como Alsos & Ljunggren (1998) muestran una diferencia en el proceso de inicio de los negocios, especificamente en el plan de negocio.
b) Falsos alsos cognatos sao unidades lexicais pertencentes a duas (ou mais) linguas distintas que, apesar de serem provenientes de etimos diferentes resultaram -- em consequencia das evolucoes foneticas que sofreram, ao longo do tempo -- em unidades lexicais ortografica e/ou fonologicamente identicas ou semelhantes, embora seus valores semanticos sejam bastante distintos.
But by late 1944 it was known to those on the inside (through the work of the American intelligence unit Alsos that followed Allied forces through France and into Germany) that there was no German bomb project--nothing even close to one.
The netball team have alsos met with success and they won the county round of the national competition and will compete in the North regional rounds in January.