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NOTE TO EDITORS: Digital photos of Airheads Cotton Candy Bubble Gum displays and packaging are available, as are product samples for members of the news media.
Airheads is one of the nation's top three candies in the non-chocolate segment sold at the front-end checkout.
The ice cream also incorporates ribbons of Airheads taffy, creating an innovative, never-before-seen combination.
Gore's America, as depicted by Steyn, consists mainly of "Al Sharpton's entourage, gay scoutmasters, partial-birth-abortion fetishists," liberal Hollywood airheads, and foreigners.
Well, firstly, it is worth listening to just for Miriam Margolyes' voice as it slips effortlessly from simper to sincerity to sarcasm portraying characters from teenage airheads (or whatever the 19th century equivalent was) to bloated old fools.
So sue me if I can't get worked up over a group of airheads who wouldn't even know what that show is.
Of course, the airwaves still carry more than their fair share of TV shows that depict women primarily as curvaceous airheads.
American airheads are making more of an impression these days on British reality shows - that impression is of an American airhead - so it's probably too early today to rule Jackson out of the running.
Today, Airheads candy is launching "The World Needs More Airheads" - the first-ever mass marketing campaign for the brand - highlighting and celebrating the real life mishaps that make us laugh.
Still, I suppose they keep a lot of otherwise unemployable people off the streets and, to be fair, it's only 150 art editors, picture stylists, hairdressers, make-up artists, manicurists and publicity airheads for each so-called celebrity.
Now Big Brother is finally over, reality addicts can get a much better fix from ITV's shambles, starring some of the most pointless airheads on Earth.
But that's the stealthy wonder of ``Bring It On''; it's a film about airheads that thinks.
We should get off our knees and stop idolising people who are more often than not just self-obsessed airheads.
Wireless networking is quite challenging compared to wired," said Gordon Tan, ACMX #5, ACDX #5, CWSP, CWNA, OPST, SISP, Airheads MVP Expert, head of service and support engineering at Nexwave Telecoms Pte.