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an aide-mémoire

Notes or pictures that one uses to remember something. When I was studying for the test, I made an aide-mémoire of all the steps in photosynthesis.

aid and abet

To assist someone, usually in a mischievous or illegal activity. Gary was arrested and charged with aiding and abetting the jewelry thief. I know other kids aided and abetted Paul in egging our house—he's just the only one who got caught.
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aid (someone) in (something)

To assist someone in completing an action or activity. It was nice of Julie to aid me in cleaning my house before the party. Jim aided his son in changing the flat tire on the car.
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aid and abet someone

Cliché to help someone; to incite someone to do something, possibly something that is wrong. (Originally a legal phrase.) He was scolded for aiding and abetting the boys who were fighting.
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aid and abet

If someone aids and abets another person, they help or encourage them to do something criminal or wrong. His wife was sentenced to seven years imprisonment for aiding and abetting him. Note: This expression is often used in legal contexts.
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aid and abet

help and encourage someone to do something wrong, especially to commit a crime.
Abet comes from an Old French term meaning ‘to encourage a hound to bite’.
1986 Frank Peretti This Present Darkness She strained to think of…any friend who would still aid and abet a fugitive from the law, without questions.
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Because the minimal value threshold adjusts every three years, aides and general officers are strongly encouraged to communicate directly with the ethics counselor or servicing judge advocate on all matters related to acceptance of foreign gifts.
According to the Attorney General's Office, many of the aides worked concurrently for multiple home care service agencies, often submitting time sheets that, when put together, totaled more than 24 hours worked in a single day.
Civilian Application: Since an enlisted aide can perform many duties, the civilian applications are broad.
In September, a study group advising the speaker of the Lower house presented recommendations on the issue, including a ban on hiring spouses or relatives within third degree as aides or their holding concurrent posts.
While a full-time aide helps the teacher tremendously, she helps my students even more.
It is sometimes difficult to assign work for the periods I am in class, but as the year goes on, the aides become more aware of their responsibilities.
My last meeting began with Kohl's aide for labor issues.
Home care aides and other providers will also be members of the team.
In response to the Oklahoma congressmen's statements, Mark Agrast and Robert Raben, then-legislative aides to Massachusetts representatives Gerry Studds and Barney Frank, respectively, founded the Lesbian and Gay Congressional Staff Association.
En coordination avec les autorites regionales et locales, des aides alimentaires d'une valeur de 60dt chacune, sont distribuees au profit des familles a revenu limite dans les differentes delegations de Kebili et ce dans le cadre du programme national des aides offertes pendant le mois de ramadan.
Minister for Education, Training and Employment John-Paul Langbroek and Member for Burleigh Michael Hart made a surprise visit to Burleigh State School today to congratulate two very special Prep teacher aides.
However, the board rejected the request of extending detention of his four aides, which was lapsing on October 26.
The Lahore High Court on Monday deferred its verdict in the case against the detention of Jamaat-ud-Dawah chief Hafiz Saeed and his four aides for their involvement in activities prejudicial to security of Pakistan.