ahead of (someone or something's) time

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ahead of (someone or something's) time

More innovative than can be properly appreciated during the time that someone or something is producing such innovation. He was really ahead of his time with this music—critics in the 1970s just couldn't see it. That show was really ahead of its time tackling issues like that.
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ahead of time

Earlier than a given deadline. If we get to the theater ahead of time, we'll have our pick of good seats. My term paper isn't due until next week, but I finished it ahead of time.
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*ahead of one's time

Fig. having ideas or attitudes that are too advanced to be acceptable in the present. (*Typically: be ~; think ~.) Sue's grandmother was ahead of her time in wanting to study medicine.
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*ahead of time

beforehand; before the announced time. (*Typically: arrive ~; get there ~; leave ~; show up ~.) If you show up ahead of time, you will have to wait. Be there ahead of time if you want to get a good seat.
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ahead of time

Earlier, sooner, as in The meeting was scheduled for three o'clock, but most people arrived ahead of time. [Early 1900s]
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ahead of your/its time

COMMON If someone or something is ahead of their time, they have or show ideas that are so modern that most people have not accepted them yet. My mother was ahead of her time. She surrounded me with culture and art. The idea was too far ahead of its time, and had attracted some amusement locally. Note: You can also say that someone or something is before their time. His only mistake, he insists, is that he was 20 years before his time.
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ahead of your (or its) time

innovative and radical by the standards of the time.
See also: ahead, of, time
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His homes are much treasured today, not only because they were ahead of their time when built from the late 19th century onwards, but because they are still ahead of their time today.
The observer Arsim Zekoli in Utrinski vesnik reminds that last week young people, maybe unaware, made one tiny step forward their maturity process and started thinking ahead of their time. The author comments that one of the messages--"Together we can rule the Galaxy" written on a white carton paper stood out from the other banners, proudly carried by a boy and a girl and perfectly fitting in the whole atmosphere.
Playing, at times, the role of a gizmo freak who just can't wait to buy the latest version of a gadget and then poking fun at the same species by pointing out that, " the problem with things ten years ahead of their time is that they are ten years ahead of their time," were jibes that worked well with the audience.
Both were ahead of their time and 50 years later their mark on the game is still enshrined.
Her fresh and innovative designs were well ahead of their time during the 1920s and '30s."
These family members, years ahead of their time, did see a new heaven and a new earth, just as the biblical scholars who struggled mightily to bring the Bible back home to Catholicism during the middle of the 20th century did.
The French skincare company has a reputation for developing formulations that are ahead of their time, and this new addition to the range is no exception.
Unfortunately, the promise of convergence has been slow as the tech pundits were just too far ahead of their time. Despite the collapse of the technology bubble, the age of true convergence is alive and well and being ushered in by an explosive growth in broadband connectivity.
"Like artists, they are ahead of their time. They're those doves that Noah sent out from the ark to find land.
This 2002-2003 exhibition at the Musee d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris proved that Picabia, along with Duchamp and his small circle, were years ahead of their time in anticipating the future of art.
See, the Spice Girls were ahead of their time after all.
They were a great civilization centuries ahead of their time in every conceivable facet.
The band were given vinyl recordings of the Electric Light Orchestra by Jeff Lynne in the 1970s and 80s and aim to "recreate them with the emphasis on attention to detail and want to do justice to a really wonderful band that were way ahead of their time in many respects".
As swimwear goes these more modest designs had a vintage feel but the hats were way ahead of their time.
In fact, the late Jackie Robinson, who was responsible for breaking the color line in America's favorite pastime, and Jim Brown, the groundbreaking football star, were considered ahead of their time when they became vocal proponents of black entrepreneurship and economic development.