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Our aim is thus to examine if and how cultural capital shapes the ways in which social agents approach various media and their affordances, i.
Essa compreensao torna mais segura a adocao de uma estrutura de analise baseada no conceito de "affordance sociotecnica", proposto por Fragoso, Rebs e Barth (2012) que estudaram a relacao entre as affordances das interfaces de sites de redes sociais e as praticas que ocorrem nesses sites, tendo como exemplos plataformas de microblogging.
A particular affordance of the digital is the connectivity it offers--just think of the smartphone as a digital terminal in global digital networks.
James Gibson's theory of affordances is instructive here, as it suggests that what we perceive in the environment is not so much the properties of individual objects but rather the possibilities for action they enable.
Jonassen and colleagues (1994) proposed that when investigating the role of media in student learning we should examine the process of learning first, then the role that context plays in understanding the kinds of cognitive tools and their affordances needed to support learning.
In summary, the findings presented here suggest that few pre-service teachers in this sample use the video affordances of mobile and tablet devices to assist them with the process of collecting and reflecting on accreditation evidence.
The structure of the four primary chapters, with the discussion being systematically organized by the eight instructional conversation moves, offers a level of consistency when comparing the affordances of each unique environment.
To them, this was another opportunity of showing their students some of the affordances made possible by technology, possibly making them more proficient in its use, while also leveraging their curiosity.
2015; Riconscente, 2013) and strategy use (Baccaglini-Frank & Maracci, 2015) while certain ways of accessing specific affordances may directly link to performance and efficiency outcomes (Moyer-Packenham et al.
After the appearance of MOOCs and the subsequent hype, the discussion today is concentrating on the affordances of new learning technologies and a refinement of pedagogical approaches.
We analyze the affordances this learning community provides for TLs, with a goal of making visible how the TLs were supported in strengthening the skills and dispositions required to be effective facilitators of evidence-informed conversations that would move their colleagues' thinking and learning forward.
Architectural framework for different types of m-learning environments should be potentially designed regarding affordances of mobile technology and augmented reality features [3].
The aim of Chapter 4 is to build a connection between second language acquisition theories, attending to both cognitive and social approaches, and the affordances provided by computer games for language learning.
manipulation, where we will incrementally learn grasp affordances with a dexterous hand; segmenting and learning objects and object category models from a cluttered scene; localisation and navigation in a crowded and changing scene based on incrementally built 3D environment models; iterative task planning in an open world; and engaging with multiple users in a dynamic collaborative task.
With so many educational institutions depending on online learning, it is important for designers to make use of affordances in designing for instruction.