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deaf as an adder

Unable to hear anything. The deafness of an adder is referred to in the Bible. A: "I'm shouting, and he's ignoring me!" B: "Oh, he's deaf as an adder! Write down whatever you're trying to communicate to him." What are you, deaf as an adder? You hear me calling you for dinner, so get in here!
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*deaf as a post

deaf. (*Also:as ~.) When my cousin was a teenager, she played her drum set without ear protection, and she was as deaf as a post by the age of twenty-five. Mark can't hear you even if you shout; he's deaf as a post.
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deaf as a post

Also, deaf as an adder. Unable to hear or to listen, as in Speak louder, Grandpa's deaf as a post. The first simile has its origin in John Palsgrave's Acolastus (1540): "How deaf an ear I intended to give him ... he were as good to tell his tale to a post." It has largely replaced deaf as an adder, alluding to an ancient belief that adders cannot hear; it is recorded in the Bible (Psalms 58:3-5).
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deaf as a post

If someone is as deaf as a post, they are very deaf. My Dad is as deaf as a post.
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deaf as an adder (or a post)

completely or extremely deaf.
The traditional deafness of an adder is based on an image in Psalm 58:4: ‘the deaf adder that stoppeth her ear’.
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(as) deaf as a ˈpost

(informal) unable to hear anything: You’ll have to shout if you want her to hear you. She’s as deaf as a post.
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deaf as a post

Unable to hear or to listen. The simile dates from the sixteenth century, when J. Palsgrave wrote (Acolastus, 1540), “He wotteth ful lyttel how deffe an eare I intended to gyue him . . . he were as good to tell his tale to a poste.” It caught on and has survived to the present, outliving such similes as deaf as an adder (first recorded in the Book of Psalms, 58:4–5), deaf as a beetle, and deaf as a white cat. See also fall on deaf ears; turn a blind eye/deaf ear.
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