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During his four years at Newtown, Adam progressed from his initial administrator role right through to becoming a property lister across both the sales and lettings sectors.
'Black Adam' is based on a story of a boy Aman who belongs to a fictional tribe in an Arab country called Khandaq but he gets thrown into slavery at a very young age.
Adam focused on revitalising run-down neighbourhoods and ended up investing in properties on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, becoming part-owner of a holiday resort.
Adam claims his father was not his right mind when he made his wills and is challenging them.
One wonders how come Adam and Eve disobeyed God by eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge.
Adam's parents, Andy and Karen, have since learned that he was planning to study the area for his geography work at Edge Hill University next year.
Adam's mum, Annette, has been receiving treatment since early 2018.
But supportive stepmum Cheryl has told how she hopes 22-yearold Adam's love life on the outside will flourish after speaking to his favourite girl Zara McDermott, who he coupled up with on the inside.
While 24 hours earlier, viewers, like a few girls on the show, were falling at personal; trainer Adam's feet, they were positively FUMING just minutes into Tuesday's episode when his choice was revealed.
Adam was beaten by Shonul Kunimal, another six year old Indian whizkid and student of Indian School Ghubra-International, for the first place.
Zaiton Abdul Rahman, 56, told the Sessions Court here today that there was no signed agreement when she handed over the money in cash to Adam Rosly on that date.
The audience in the stadium- estimated at 15,000 people- chanted "We love you, Adam", with the boy V-signing in return wearing the T-shirt of Tishreen Club.
Adam's day alternates between the mundane and the extraordinary: Angela and Marty both have revelations to share; Linus needs more from Adam than his heart is ready to give; and Adam's tenuous truce with his father may be coming to an end.