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bad actor

A person, animal, or element that is unreliable, unruly, and prone to troublesome or quarrelsome behavior. The class was full of bad actors, always fighting and causing trouble. The neighbors have quite a bad actor for a dog; it's constantly trying to fight with our dogs.
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no (person) worth (their) salt would (do something)

No person who warrants respect in a certain field or profession would engage in such bad behavior or activity. No professor worth their salt would remove a student from class just for asking controversial questions. It's baffling—no doctor worth their salt would have missed such an obvious diagnosis.
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crisis actor

1. Someone who portrays a victim in a training drill for emergency personnel, such as firefighters and EMTs. I volunteered to be a crisis actor at my local hospital's disaster drill.
2. conspiracy theory Someone who impersonates a victim of a tragic incident, typically a mass shooting, that has been staged. The concept originated with conspiracy theorists who claim that such actors are employed by governments or secret organizations attempting to stage such incidents to gain support for a particular agenda. The term gained widespread attention when some survivors of the February 2018 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, were claimed to be crisis actors by conspiracy theorists in the aftermath of the shooting. Can you believe that some people think the Parkland kids were crisis actors paid to be there to further the liberal agenda on gun control? How sick is that?
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no teacher/actor, etc. worth their salt

COMMON If you say, for example, that no teacher worth their salt or no actor worth their salt would do a particular thing, you mean that no teacher or actor who was good at their job would consider doing that thing. No racing driver worth his salt gets too sentimental about his cars. No player worth his salt wants to play in the lower divisions. Note: Instead of no, you can use any or every with this expression. For example, if you say that any teacher worth their salt would do a particular thing, you mean that any teacher who was good at their job would do that thing. Any policeman worth his salt would have made proper checks to find out exactly who this man was. Every teacher worth their salt will learn as much from their students as their students learn from them. Note: In the past, salt was expensive and rare. Roman soldiers were paid a `salarium' or salt money, so they could buy salt and stay healthy.
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The attachment of his name to a project means that it will include A-list actors and a million-dollar budget.
The directors have met in the late afternoon and they are now working with the actors on memorizing the short plays.
Other actors expressed concern that producers in Chicago were bringing in actors from New York and Los Angeles to help market their productions.
The actors in SNA consist of individuals or other groups in the organization, such as teams, departments, divisions, companies, and industries when forming networks of contacts.
But when it comes to awarding the gold to actors playing gay and lesbian characters, Oscar history informs us that it isn't enough for a character to suffer in a bravura scene-grabbing style.
In undermining the fusion of actor and role, which both traditional fourth-wall theater and Hollywood cinema seek to perpetuate, the German playwright-director aimed to demonstrate that his characters' responses to a given situation were the product of social conditioning and historical circumstance.
The actors took as their first subject Richard III, a choice White finds symbolic.
First of all, it is incredibly patronizing to suggest black actors must be "allowed" something to accomplish it.
Yet, in his character there is something that speaks both to and from the actor, almost a domestic familiarity with the wasteland that is Jensen.
The ways in which actor and audience are affected by their mutual exchange redefines theatricality and leads back to the actor's psyche, a flatterer himself and the object of flattery, but always - as so many of Shakespeare's characters - the sad celebrity and the parasite rolled into one.
AngelMobile's Pushcasting[TM] platform will enable actors to broadcast their video messages and programming to segments of global community interested in actors' mission and professional accomplishments.
Little Miss Sunshine'' emerged as the little train - or, more precisely, the little VW minivan - that could Sunday night at the Shrine Exposition Center, winning the Screen Actors Guild Award for best ensemble cast in a film.
Here a troupe of actors repetitively and obsessively works through character studies culled from scenarios that range from the broadly physical slapstick entertainment that was part of Irish wakes a few centuries ago to the life of Birdie Jo Hoaks, a twenty-fiv e-year-old woman who passed as a thirteen-year-old orphan boy to cadge welfare benefits in the mid-'90s.
IN the new "Cyberwood", the big winners will be the lawyers while the big losers will be the actors, if you consider the following scenario.