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activist judge

A judge or justice (particularly of the US Supreme Court) who rules in accordance with their personal ideology rather than with how the law is strictly written; often used in a derogatory or pejorative sense. Primarily heard in US. Many attributed the strict environmental rulings to the activist judge who was appointed last November and is known for his love of nature.
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activist justice

A court justice whose rulings are dictated more by personal leanings than the law. I can't believe that judge! What is he, an activist justice—handing out rulings based on his own bent?
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Amid the protests and condemnation, international media have been silent on the subject of the arbitrary arrest of the activists. Meanwhile, international NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW) has called on the immediate release of the activists.
On hashtag #U*U U[logical not]aeU*aa_U[degrees]U*aaaa_U U*aaUU aeU[macron]aeU[umlaut] [Pregnant woman detained in Saudi Arabia], users tweeted in support of Khadijah al-Harbi, the women rights activist who is pregnant in her last month and was arrested from her house amid fears of facing harsh detention conditions.
Many families said that before the mass arrests, the army has profiled some JI activists and called them to their camps.
The activists say the plant will emit smoke that contains hazardous particulate matter, discharge waste effluents into the sea that could kill fish and other sea animals, and further emit coal dust that poses serious health risks.
However, the police stopped the crackdown and also let off the detained activists within 24 hours on the intervention of some senior party leaders from the district.
In a similar incident, Bajran Dal activists of Jharkhand weren't far behind.
The research showed that stocks exhibiting the highest combined degree of improvement in ROIC and activist share ownership outperformed the broad market by a wide margin.
The largest institutional voting blocks may be less compelled to sign on for strategic or balance sheet-oriented actions that activists seek, but they may more readily resonate with a case for corporate governance failure and the need for fresh perspectives.
Q What does Joe Anderson think of the Love Activists? A Mayor Anderson says the Love Activists are misdirecting their anger and that Liverpool's Labour council is implementing funding cuts imposed on it by David Cameron's Conservative government.
Activism is on the rise, and Campion said that "no business is safe from activism," and she also noted that activists have had a great amount of success when it comes to proxy battles.
Political activists were allegedly assaulted by pro-Muslim Brotherhood supporters who took them to the Raml police station in Alexandria.
Published on Friday, 07 February 2014 10:17 PNN Forty-one activists were injured during an IOF raid on Ein Hejleh protest village in the Jordan Valley.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A court in Saudi Arabia started the trial of 23 activists in the kingdom's oil-rich Eastern Province.
ACTIVISTS detained by Russian authorities over a protest against drilling in the Arctic have been jailed for two months.