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There's a video now doing the rounds that takes the phrase "acting the goat" to new levels while a Dublin hotel has created a cocktail in her honour called "The Swing".
That is the message from a fake Facebook page set up by someone acting the goat as they claimed to be the borough council.
Acting the goat? That's what Thomas did, by fitting himself with prosthetic limbs that allowed him to move about like a goat.
And despite all the meticulous preparation for a historic ceremony when the Queen presents the Regiment with its new colours tomorrow, one member of the regiment will surely be acting the goat.
[euro]e boys are used to acting the goat rather than eating it and they loved their rst experience of the meat, sadly still to nd widespread acceptance in Britain, and they also raved about the mitho mitho lamb, pan fried with spinach.
According to the Daily Star, Terry senior is also alleged to have threatened cleaner Bakeba Mansuila with a bottle, saying, 'I'll smash it over your head you black c***', although he admitted to starting a confrontation and said that he had been 'acting the goat' after he was arrested.
Not only have exams been watered down to a point where it's heading towards being impossible to fail (near-98 per cent pass rate in A-levels last year), there are increasingly more places available at universit y and the choice of what you can study in the couple of hours when you're not boozing and generally acting the goat is seemingly endless.
Billy's career hasn't passed without incident: he was once demoted after acting the goat on parade in Cyprus.
"Mrs Noah", senior insolvency administrator Helen Bialkowski, is acting the goat.
SELF-STYLED New IRA inmates are "acting the goat" to put pressure on prison staff, a jail source has revealed.