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In view of the impending weather associated with Tropical Storm MITCH, the four American citizens on board decided to abandon ship.
He said:"It was decided to abandon ship as the pumps could not cope.
We were told to get into our life-saving suits and put on our life jackets and literally to abandon ship.
The raiders captured cargo vessels whose crews seldom fought back and were allowed to abandon ship.
The pair, both in their early 50s, were forced to abandon ship and take to a life raft until they were taken aboard a passing merchant vessel.
This vessel may look like it's in trouble - but there's no need to abandon ship.
Aerospace policy analyst John Pike of the nonprofit Federation of American Scientists said more breakdowns are inevitable: ``It's not whether they're going to abandon ship, it's when.
The 12 men were forced to abandon ship when the blaze broke out on the Viking Victor standby vessel 20 miles north east of Aberdeen at around 3.
The five-man crew of a Shropshire yacht had to abandon ship after it ran aground off the Cumbria coast during a race from mid-Wales to Scotland.
If neither oxygen-producing system could be restarted over the next several days, Foale and his two Russian crew mates would have had to abandon ship in the attached Soyuz capsule.
Sales management and marketing personnel in the mid-to-top levels seem to be among the first to abandon ship.
The 24-year-old has constantly been linked with a big-money move away from Selhurst Park, but says he has no plans to abandon ship.
DOOMED J Rock stuck where it tore hull ABANDON SHIP J Crew launches one of the lifeboats STRICKEN J Rescuers pass the funnel of the wrecked liner as it lies on its side PANIC J Passengers queue for lifeboats on liner QUESTIONS Z Schettino gets into police car DETAINED J Ship's captain
It will be affixed to the outside of the ISS, acting as a "lifeboat" in case the men and women aboard the ISS need to abandon ship.