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aw shucks

1. An expression of shyness, happiness, or embarrassment. In this usage, "shucks" can be used by itself. A: "You're just too sweet!" B: "Aw shucks, you're gonna make me blush."
2. An expression of disappointment. In this usage, "shucks" can be used by itself. Aw shucks, it looks like we're going to lose the game after all. Shucks, the rain clouds seem to be rolling in now.
3. Indicative of shyness or a lack of sophistication. The phrase is typically hyphenated in this usage. Charlie was a nice fellow with a sweet, aw-shucks demeanor.
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A mild exclamation of anger, annoyance, regret, or disgust (about something). Typically preceded by the interjections "ah," "aw," or "oh." Shoot! I thought that would fix the problem with the computer, but I guess something else must be wrong. Ah, shoot—that was supposed to be a surprise for your birthday!


1. A mild exclamation of anger, annoyance, regret, or disgust (about something). Typically preceded by the interjections "ah" or "aw." Shucks! I thought that would fix the problem with the computer, but I guess something else must be wrong. Ah, shucks—that was supposed to be a surprise for your birthday!
2. A mild exclamation of humility or embarrassment, especially when receiving praise or flattery. Typically preceded by the interjections "ah" or "aw." A: "I wanted to give you this gift as thanks for everything you did for me and my family." B: "Aw, shucks. I was only doing my duty, ma'am." I've been thinking long and hard about what I would say if I won this award, but now that I'm here, well, shucks—I'm downright speechless!
3. noun Something of very little value. Used especially in the phrases "not worth shucks" and "not amount to shucks." All their promises won't amount to shucks if they aren't willing to back them up with action. I learned long ago that people like him aren't worth shucks.
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(Aw) shucks!

exclam. a mild oath. (Colloquial.) Aw shucks, I ain’t never been this close to a woman before.
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1. and shoot up tv. & in. to inject drugs, especially heroin. (Drugs.) He actually had to leave the meeting to shoot.
2. n. an injection of heroin. (Drugs. Usually shoot-up.) The way Ernie was yawning, I knew he needed a shoot-up.
3. tv. to spike a drink with liquor. I’m gonna shoot the punch with rum.
4. in. to begin to tell [something]. Okay, shoot. I’m all ears.
5. exclam. Darn! (Usually Shoot! An exclamation or a very mild curse. A substitute if not a euphemism for shit.) Oh, shoot! I left my shades in the car.
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