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all options stink

There is no good option in this particular situation. I don't know what we're going to do here—all options stink.
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An abbreviation for "all options stink," meaning that there is no good option in this particular situation. I don't know what we're going to do here since AOS.

All options stink

and AOS
phr. & comp. abb. All options stink.; There is no good solution. I don’t know what to do. All options stink. Since AOS, I’ll do nothing at all.
See also: all, option, stink


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Ramon Ylanan, a primary care sports medicine doctor who joined AOS in 2012.
This will enable AOS to penetrate the offshore fabrication and new construction markets, with the new facility perfect for the fabrication of flare towers, jackets and topside modules.
AOS Anti-virus/spyware: Secures online transactions against the latest malicious codes with AhnLab's cloud based security technology known as ASD (AhnLab Smart Defense).
However, there is a strong evidence of further genetic heterogeneity as a number of familial and sporadic subjects with AOS revealed no mutation in the ARHGAP31.
As a member of the behavioral health task force, ABH is working with AOS to link veterans and their families to quality behavioral health services.
Solutions such as BridgeSTOR AOS appliances that complement widely-adopted solution areas such as VMware virtualisation and data backup, will be highly attractive to small and medium-sized companies as well as smaller departments and workgroups within large enterprises.
Pricing details for the services provided by AOS were not disclosed.
The objective is that AOS will become a hub for specialist service companies who wish to operate in the Gulf and a centre of excellence for the oil and gas companies working in the region.
While the daily diet at AOS ranges from 5 to 25 fat grams daily, we prepare students from the time of admission to use the long-term goal of 20 or fewer.
Studley and AOS have become joint partners in a newly formed company which will operate in the U.
AOS is a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week information and referral service for active-duty, National Guard and Reserve Soldiers, family members and deployed civilians.
Konrad, MD, president of the AOS, and one to David Schuller, MD, president of the ABOto-that amplify my thoughts in this regard.
Based on Impact Master Archive(TM) image compression and encryption software developed by Impact Labs, and Inmarsat satellite terminals and communications services provided by AOS, the system eliminates communications bottlenecks, speeding the delivery of medical images.
During and subsequent to the four-week fill-up of the AOS unit with residents who requested and were approved via a multidisciplinary assessment for transfer, a variety of tailored unit-based therapeutic recreation programs were developed, including computer classes featuring individual instruction.