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ANS is a privately held, ISO9000 and TL9000 certified organization, headquartered in Albany, NY.
The decline of ANS production, combined with increased West Coast consumption, has significantly reduced the ANS surplus available to be transferred out of Alaska and the West Coast.
A brief video explaining top-down ANS control can be found on the company's YouTube channel (www.
The ANS Young Members Group (YMG) was established to engage the newest career professionals in nuclear fields beyond their student affiliation with the 50-year-old professional association.
ANS is a premier provider of engineering, furnishing, installation, staffing, maintenance and consulting services.
More than 25,000 patients in more than 25 countries around the world use ANS neurostimulation therapies to manage chronic pain.
Jude Medical expects to acquire the remaining shares of ANS (those not delivered during the offer or pursuant to notices of guaranteed delivery) through a "short-form" merger between its wholly-owned subsidiary and ANS on Tuesday, November 29, 2005.
Including those ANS shares tendered in the initial offering period, ANS shareholders have now tendered approximately 17,977,527 shares (up from 15,769,679 shares at the end of the initial offering period that expired on November 15, 2005), or approximately 89 percent of the outstanding shares of ANS.
ANS is poised to take advantage of the exponential growth projected for the neuromodulation market -- a market that has been expanding at a rate of 20 to 25 percent annually and that is expected to approach $1.
The preliminary results of the offer show that approximately 15,769,679 shares of ANS common stock were validly tendered and not properly withdrawn as of the expiration date, satisfying the minimum condition for the tender offer.
ANS' engineering team designed the C-Series Lamitrode leads to benefit the physician and patient," said ANS President and CEO Chris Chavez.
Jude Medical commenced an all-cash tender offer for all of the outstanding shares of ANS common stock, at a price of $61.
Of the FORTUNE Small Business 100, ANS ranked 8th, reflecting strong financial performance over the past three years and making it the highest-ranked company based in Texas.
The company will offer the following three Advanced Network Services (ANS) based on the Network Physics NetSensory platform: (i) Ad-hoc, limited duration, BCX ANS engagements to audit or assess a customer's entire application delivery infrastructure with the objective of identifying areas for optimization and improvement; (ii) A long-term BCX ANS engagement to monitor and report on a client's network and application performance and health on a monthly basis; (iii) A long-term BCX ANS engagement with pro-active network and application performance and health monitoring integrated into an automated, trouble-ticketing system to proactively alert support personnel of performance and health problems on the network.
ANS Members have met and exceeded the vision of the early pioneers who organized our Society," stated ANS President Larry Foulke.