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But the ANS discount to CMA Ice Brent was much narrower during May 2016 trade than it was in October 2014 or May 2015 trade.
On April 13, 2000, BP and ARCO entered into a consent agreement with the FTC that allowed the merger to proceed after the parties divested themselves of certain assets including ARCO's holdings of ANS reserves.
Since then, ANS has signed about 90 paying subscribers, including the Arizona Republic, Christian Science Monitor, Hartford Courant, Richmond Times-Dispatch, San Diego Union-Tribune, CBS News and CNN.
Diversion of ANS to offshore markets will affect operations of several pipelines which ship ANS, while opening new opportunities to supply markets now consuming ANS crude.
We consider Corning to be the technology leader in FTTH end-to-end solutions," said Cheer Dheeradhada, major accounts manager for ANS.
25 per share offer price for their ANS shares prior to consummation of a merger.
Jude Medical and ANS are providing for a subsequent offering period which begins today at 9:00 a.
Jude Medical commenced an all-cash tender offer for all of the outstanding shares of ANS common stock, at a price of $61.
The company will offer the following three Advanced Network Services (ANS) based on the Network Physics NetSensory platform: (i) Ad-hoc, limited duration, BCX ANS engagements to audit or assess a customer's entire application delivery infrastructure with the objective of identifying areas for optimization and improvement; (ii) A long-term BCX ANS engagement to monitor and report on a client's network and application performance and health on a monthly basis; (iii) A long-term BCX ANS engagement with pro-active network and application performance and health monitoring integrated into an automated, trouble-ticketing system to proactively alert support personnel of performance and health problems on the network.
As previously announced, the transaction is subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals, as well as the valid tender of a majority of the outstanding shares of ANS common stock, on a fully-diluted basis.
The ANS Board of Directors has recommended that ANS shareholders tender their shares into the offer.
ammonium nitrate (AN) towers, which is currently limited to converting ANS to agricultural grade AN, a prilled, dry fertilizer product.
Fortune magazine recently ranked ANS as the 36th fastest growing small company in its annual list of the Top 200 Fastest Growing Small Companies in the United States.
For a third consecutive year, ANS has been recognized in the annual Forbes ranking of the 200 Best Small Companies.