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Inspecentro Buenos Aires had been awarded a 10-year concession in the city of Buenos Aires in 2015 to operate an inspection station, as one of five inspection companies.
Gonzalo Robredo, President of the Buenos Aires Tourism Board, adds: By joining the INSTO Network, we reinforce our commitment to maximising the benefits of the tourism activity in the city of Buenos Aires, not only from an economic perspective, but with a focus on the cultural, social and environmental dimensions of tourism.
READ MORE: For an alternative guide to the meeting in Buenos Aires, click on Frank Kane's G20 diary .
"I hope this batch of Filipino YOG athletes can also bring home a medal similar to what we had accomplished in the previous YOG," said Go of the athletes who will leave for Buenos Aires on Oct.
There are two more rotations ahead, after which it will be known who will be able to participate in the competitions in Buenos Aires.
Debido a su emplazamiento, Buenos Aires adquirio el rol de centro de intercambio de mercancias a pesar de no ser centro productor.
The airline will operate a year-round service of four weekly flights from London Gatwick to Buenos Aires Ezeiza International Airport, with fares starting from GBP259.90 one-way to Buenos Aires.
Fue la unica relevante en el genero que se situo fuera de Buenos Aires, en este caso en Rosario.
The Conurbano fund was founded in 1994 specifically to raise the province of Buenos Aires' relatively low share of federal funding.
Selon Mouakher, la protection de ces aires qui renferment une grande diversite biologique dans le pays s'inscrit dans le cadre de l'application de la convention de Barcelone, dont la Tunisie est signataire.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel (C) walks next to Rabbi Simon Moguilevsky during a visit to the Templo Libertad synagogue in Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 8, 2017.
Buenos Aires, Rajab 9, 1437, Apr 16, 2016, SPA -- The launch of the car service Uber in Buenos Aires led to traffic chaos in the Brazilian city on Friday when hundreds of taxis blocked streets in protest against it, dpa reported.
El proceso de articulacion espacial por medio del cual el pequeno poblado de Buenos Aires perfilo su singularidad, integrandose en el espacio peruano y posicionandose como nexo con el mundo atlantico, se llevo a cabo en el marco de una tension entre los comerciantes portenos, sus pares de algunos de los enclaves del interior del virreinato, las comunidades de mercaderes con fuerte presencia en la ruta monopolica y el orden dispuesto por la Corona, que limitaba sensiblemente el flujo comercial legal del puerto.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Fars News Agency Managing-Director Seyed Nezamoddin Moussavi officially inaugurated FNA's regional bureau in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Wednesday.