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um and ah

To be hesitant or indecisive, especially when speaking out loud about a decision. "Um" and "ah" are common filler words used by habit or when one is deciding what to say. Try not to um and ah so much when you're considering a counter-proposal—it's not professional. It felt like that guy ummed and ahed for five minutes before he gave me his order. Which was a burger and fries, by the way.
See also: ah, and, um


n. an asshole; a really wretched person. (A euphemistic disguise. Also a term of address. Rude and derogatory.) Look here, you goddamn AH! Who the hell do you think you are?


and hoo-rah
exclam. Yes! Are we ready? Hoo-ah! Hoo-rah, hoo-rah, hoo-rah.
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Two other clinics that were managed by Mafraq Hospital, located in Bani Yas and Nahda areas, will also be handed over to the AHS.
An AHS facility will probably be a normal lane or two on an existing freeway.
Around 85,000 per month on average have visited the DPSCs while 83,000 per month on average got treated at the clinics last year, Dr Omar Naseeb Al Jabri, Chief Medical Officer of AHS, told Khaleej Times.
The powerful billing technology runs on IBM System i servers and AHS is an IBM Business Partner for physician billing.
MAS' extensive consulting and practice management expertise will enable AHS to expand those services for its clients.
HBMA Conference - AHS will be attending this conference, which will be held at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV, from September 23-25, 2009.
The addition of PSC's experienced management team and operations will further enable AHS to leverage our technological capabilities, increase processing efficiencies, and maximize performance for all of our clients," said David Langsam, President and CEO of AHS, and now the combined company.
AHS is poised to lead the growing healthcare BPO market, serving small to large hospitals, physician groups, and payors across the United States looking for a global, integrated solutions provider, based in the United States, that is grounded in healthcare and specifically, healthcare finance.
This partnership gives AHS access to IBM's marketing and sales support for SMB customers.
We welcome AHS as a Safeguard partner company and look forward to providing them with guidance and resources to grow their business," stated Peter J.
Use of this application will allow AHS to speed the collection of patient balances, improve cash flow and reduce accounts-receivable days while also simplifying billing processes for patients.
We are thrilled that AHS has joined our National Preferred Provider Network.
Terms of the agreement call for Butler AHS to sell annual subscriptions to veterinarians for PetCARE TV's monthly DVD magazines and its Welcome Home Your New Friend DVD, a how-to instructional currently sold to veterinarians for them to give to owners of new dogs and cats.
Henderschedt, chairman of the Tennessee Christian Board of Directors and senior vice president of AHS.