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um and ah

To be hesitant or indecisive, especially when speaking out loud about a decision. "Um" and "ah" are common filler words used by habit or when one is deciding what to say. Try not to um and ah so much when you're considering a counter-proposal—it's not professional. It felt like that guy ummed and ahed for five minutes before he gave me his order. Which was a burger and fries, by the way.
See also: ah, and, um


n. an asshole; a really wretched person. (A euphemistic disguise. Also a term of address. Rude and derogatory.) Look here, you goddamn AH! Who the hell do you think you are?


and hoo-rah
exclam. Yes! Are we ready? Hoo-ah! Hoo-rah, hoo-rah, hoo-rah.
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Louis, Missouri is serving his second year as the AHS International Technical Director .
Protecting travellers, especially pilgrims from epidemics and communicable diseases during their stay abroad is a top priority for AHS and we urge travellers to take necessary health precautions before traveling especially to countries where infectious diseases are prevalent," said Dr Omar Al Jaberi, Chief Medical Officer, AHS.
In 2011, the AHS network of public clinics treated 83,000 patients per month on average, while the disease prevention and screening centres catered to 85,000 residents per month.
AHS is a technology-enabled provider of revenue cycle management services, informatics, and expertise which enable healthcare providers to maximize financial performance and eliminate compliance risks.
1) In the long term, the AHS can support future vehicle propulsion/fuel designs.
AHS has over 500 employees in 8 operating centers and collects nearly $1 billion for its physician clients using its own proven technology.
Chapter Member Increase Contest: This awarded is given to the AHS Chapter with the greatest net growth at the end of the contest period.
This achievement represents a dramatic turning point," Rashid Saif Al Qubaisi, CEO of AHS told reporters on Wednesday.
In the three months between the drafting of this proposal and the actual awarding of the job creation grant, AHS racked up $1,025 in restaurant bills that were later billed to the grant.
With robust BI capabilities already in place, AHS recognized that acquiring AHP would create a strong synergy between the two companies and AHS immediately entered into discussions to acquire the company.
AHS gives you the facts on home warranties and why owning one could save you time, money and hassles:
AHS expands its anesthesia coding, billing, and practice management operations
AHS Also Has Plans to Attend HBMA Annual Conference Next Week
AHS Now One of the Top 25 Medical Billing Firms in the United States
AHS Provides Medical Billing Technology for IBM's New System i Express Line, Bolstering IBM's Vertical Industry Program and AHS's Corporate Growth Strategy