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Yes, definitely. A more emphatic way to say "absolutely." Will I be at your birthday party? Abso-bloody-lutely!


rude slang Yes, definitely. A more emphatic way to say "absolutely." Will I be at your birthday party? Abso-fucking-lutely!
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mod. absolutely; emphatically. We are abso-bloody-lutely sick to death of your wishy-washy attitude.
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Small cavities and protrusions were observed on surface of Aarhus System(American Orthdontics), Tomas System (Dentarum), Mitos (Tasarimmed) and Abso Anchor(Dentos).
The collaboration proved auspicious for Abso Lutely, which has since become a king in the land of low-budget comedy--"We make content that is not mainstream and as a result, we get non-mainstream budgets," says Kneebone--working with various networks to produce such off-kilter fare as "The Eric Andre Show" (Adult Swim), "Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie" (featuring Jeff Goldblum and Odenkirk), and Comedy Central's "Nathan for You," starring Canadian comedian Nathan Fielder.
The SNP promised in their election manifesto they would "review and improve" the system and look at giving ABSO powers to community councils.
Birmingham was announced as a trailblazer area in October 2003 and has made a real difference to the way the city tackles anti-social behaviourTHE ABSO LEAGUE1.
"Even for some of these workers it will be eaten up by cost of living increase in bills and charges, "Of course, it is just three years ago since Fine Gael made another reckless promise to the Irish people, when it claimed it would abSo G abolish the Universal Social Charge.
"It would be hard to put an abso lute value on how much I've spent on Lego over the years, but it's a lot.
Michelle Keega Michelle ever "She's abso it is really fla a category w And she re A in love with E won a prize f accent.
But in this case where no specific crime has been committed, an ABSO allows monitoring and a route to punishment for leeches who prey on the generosity or naivety of victims.
Walsall Borough Council applied for its first ABSO last month to bar an adult thug from a city tower block.
She said it felt "abso lutely right" in her heart to forgive Fahri, who got life with a minimum 14 years.
Mr Mansfield said: "Was that omitted, that shocking - and I am going to put it bluntly - lie, was that omitted because you were advised to leave it out?" Mr Jackson said: "Abso lutely not."
At the NE6 Suite in Walker, Newcastle, the team know how impor tant it is that your wedding day is abso lutely perfect.
city's newest ven fan trained at The Sky Blues ege and has Stratford Colle Coventry's worked with Theatre Abso award-winning T -f their board.
"A few weeks back I didn't think we could catch Golcar, but all credit to the lads who have been abso lutely fantastic.
On the day of Mr Langley's article, I read that at Manchester Magistrates' Court, four members of a notorious gang had had their 'dress code of body armour, bandanas and woollen balaclavas' outlawed by an Anti Social Behaviour Order (ABSO).