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Another name for the abdominal muscles. Ugh, my abs are so sore from that workout last night. That model's abs are so toned, it's ridiculous.


n. the abdominal muscles. (see also six-pack, washboard abs.) Look at the abs on that guy. Like a crossword puzzle!

washboard abs

n. heavily marked abdominal muscles, divided into six equal sections. If I work out hard enough I can build those washboard abs.
See also: ABS
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The melt flow rate (MFR) of ABS and PC/ABS blends was measured on [mu]PXRZ-400C MFR machine manufactured by Jilin university, china.
Compounds recycle-content resins from nylon, PC, ABS, PP, PE and PS.
Both ABSplus and Desktop ABS users can recover lost data using Windows Explorer to drag and drop files, or CMS' Backup and Compare to restore missing files.
which makes ABS polymer for canoes, takes a different approach.
0 Desktop ABS can be accessed as an additional drive letter by the host computer.
Celogen AZNP-130 for molded and extruded HDPE, ABS, HIPS, PPO/PPE, TPO/TPE, TPU, TPR; Santoprene and Sarlink.
To take advantage of any remaining hard drive space on the ABS, users can easily create additional file folders on the ABS to store "occasional use" files and programs that don't need to remain on the host computer.
Cost savings have been reported in the manufacture of PVC and ABS foam pipe, using Safoam concentrates.
Novel compatibilizers are said to make a new line of ABS/nylon 6 blends suitable for replacing ABS, PC/ABS, PC/PBT, or ABS/PBT in automotive, recreational goods, electronics, and appliance housings.
Foam concentrates include Foam-Kon 20 for resins processed below 450 F, such as ABS, SAN, PP and acetal; and Foam Kon 28 for resins processed above 450 F, such as nylons, PPS, polysulfone, and polyethersulfone.