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Another name for the abdominal muscles. Ugh, my abs are so sore from that workout last night. That model's abs are so toned, it's ridiculous.


n. the abdominal muscles. (see also six-pack, washboard abs.) Look at the abs on that guy. Like a crossword puzzle!

washboard abs

n. heavily marked abdominal muscles, divided into six equal sections. If I work out hard enough I can build those washboard abs.
See also: ABS
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Asia Pacific region holds XYZ% of market share in 2018 and is expected to increase to XYZ% by 2026 in the global automotive ABS system market.
According to the MOTC, the increased cost of adding ABS or CBS will vary according to the number of scooters produced and the rate of increase by each manufacturer will be different.
In this work, graphene oxide (GO) was used to improve the graphene's dispersion in the ABS matrix.
This is a result of growth in rate of sales of two wheelers, increase in road accidents, laws and regulations imposed by the government on mandatory installation of ABS in vehicles, and increase in buying power of consumers in emerging markets such as India, Malaysia, and China to adopt safety features in vehicles.
The cryogenically fractured surfaces were etched with methyl-ethyl ketone (MEK) at a temperature of 65[degrees]C for 3 h for ABS extraction.
Regarding ABS, Oliveira used a mass temperature of 260[degrees]C, a mold temperature of 80[degrees]C, a flow speed of 60 [cm.sup.3] x [min.sup.-1] and a compacting pressure of 900 kPa, to obtain the best surface finish.
* Company snapshots, including company overview, business description and information on current and upcoming Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) plants
The ABS releases and then reapplies brake pressure for that fraction of a second when the rear tyre starts to come up, which in turn lengthens overall stopping distance.
From its Prague base, ABS Jets can provide a full complement of services to those operators and owners seeking to outsource flight planning services.
ABS cement lasts longer in the can and dries clear, making it more forgiving if you get a drip or two on the floor.
ABS said its ABS-2 would be one of the most powerful commercial satellites launched for service in the Eastern Hemisphere.
In the report entitled "Sector Review: EMEA Auto ABS", Moody's says that outside of Germany, performance deterioration has been more pronounced, especially in Spain and Portugal, where labour market pressure has been more acute.
One piece of technology I'm especially interested in is the antilock braking system, or ABS, as it's more commonly known.
Based on the "New York Times" best selling program by David Zinczenko, The Abs Diet for Women Workout is a high-energy DVD workout designed especially to help women burn fat and get into shape.
Mitchell International, an information and workflow tools provider for the auto insurance and collision industries, has released the latest additions to their shop management system, ABS Enterprise 7.2 and ABS 8.1.