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n. the abdominal muscles. (see also six-pack, washboard abs.) Look at the abs on that guy. Like a crossword puzzle!

washboard abs

n. heavily marked abdominal muscles, divided into six equal sections. If I work out hard enough I can build those washboard abs.
See also: ABS
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Compounds recycle-content resins from nylon, PC, ABS, PP, PE and PS.
Both ABSplus and Desktop ABS users can recover lost data using Windows Explorer to drag and drop files, or CMS' Backup and Compare to restore missing files.
The benefits of toned abs are beyond aesthetic: Taut abs are usually strong abs.
which makes ABS polymer for canoes, takes a different approach.
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0 Desktop ABS can be accessed as an additional drive letter by the host computer.
The revolving nature of dealer floorplan ABS present investors with additional manufacturer risk through vehicle sales rates and dealer defaults, which are factors less likely to impact performance of the static pools securitized in auto lease and auto loan ABS.
The ABS-2 satellite will significantly contribute towards our expansion plans and is part of our growth strategy to increase the ABS satellite fleet and and becoming a global satellite operator in the coming years.
Porofor ADC azodicarbonamide chemical blowing agents for rigid and flexible vinyls, crosslinked PE foam, ABS, and PS.
50 per gigabyte (GB), as opposed to removable media costing nearly $60 per GB, the Desktop ABS is not only easier to use, it is also far more economical.
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