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A five-dollar bill (which features a picture of Abraham Lincoln). We were pretty disappointed when Dad only gave us a few abes for cleaning out the whole garage.

Honest Abe

A nickname for US President Abraham Lincoln. A: "Honest Abe was, what, the 19th President of the United States?" B: "No, 16th." Why was he known as Honest Abe? Did he get that nickname as president or when he was a lawyer beforehand?
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n. a five-dollar bill. (From the picture of Abraham Lincoln on the bill.) This wine cost three abes. It had better be good.
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The American, Abe Slaney, was condemned to death at the winter assizes at Norwich, but his penalty was changed to penal servitude in consideration of mitigating circumstances, and the certainty that Hilton Cubitt had fired the first shot.
ABE can remain on station near an area of interest for many months, waking up daily to travel around the area and record the evolution of the biology and geology.
ABE doesn't have any of these amenities, but it still needs power for navigation and for running its sensors and control system.
We've measured ABE's energy use carefully and, with the present lead-acid battery pack, the vehicle can travel a total of 17 kilometers at 70 centimeters per second.
ABE, developed over the last four years, has been through a series of tests in local waters and in the deep ocean, but its first real science mission is planned for September 1995.
For its next mission, we plan to launch ABE at the beginning of an Alvin dive series, and allow it to run autonomously for a period of about 10 days.