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"Black, all black, every nail of them," said Daughtry, "an' as clean feet as ever a dog walked on, straight-out toes with the proper arch 'n' small 'n' not too small.
On December 20, 2017, a dog imported into the United States from Egypt was identified with rabies, representing the second case from Egypt in 3 years.
Bruce Cameron, who writes books about dogs, and her favorite story by him is "A Dog's Journey." Not surprisingly, her favorite movie is "A Dog's Purpose," based on the book by Cameron.
Aggression is caused by cumulative stress that pushes a dog over his aggression threshold.
"You can lock me up .n your Coke can house 'til I'm busting at the seams...whoop me like a dog while I listen to your schemes...
The only previously published case of direct transmission of plague from a dog to a human was reported from China in 2009 (10).