nine to five

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nine to five

From 9 AM to 5 PM, considered the standard office hours for most workers. Can be used as an adjective before a noun, in which case the phrase is hyphenated. I got so depressed working nine to five behind a desk that I finally sold all my belongings and moved to India to teach English. When I was in college, all I wanted was a steady nine-to-five job that would pay a decent salary.
See also: five, nine

nine to five

typical office hours.
See also: five, nine

ˌnine to ˈfive

normal office working hours: After years working nine to five in a boring job, he set off to sail round the world.She’d had a typical nine-to-five job in the civil service before she worked in the theatre.
See also: five, nine


mod. typical in terms of working hours; structured and scheduled, starting and ending at set times. (From the expression from nine to five, normal working hours.) I really wanted a nine-to-five job until I finally got one.
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05 PRIX DE L'ARC DE TRIOMPHE (G 1) () 1m 4f Winner [euro]2,692,308 (18 run) 1 (18) 511 ZARAK (91) A de Royer-Dupre 4 9-5 (D) C Soumillon 2A(12)F22 DOHA DREAM (35) A Fabre 4 9-5 (C, D3).
00 OAKGROVE AVERSHAM MAIDEN AUCTION STAKES (6) (2-Y-O) 1m Winner PS2,588 (11 run) ATR 1 (6) 7 ALDAIR (9) R Hannon 9-5 .
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Early offers of 23-10 and 85-40 did not last long but 9-5 still seems a price that's hard to knock considering Almagro has not made the last eight of a hardWTA PAN PACIFIC OPEN BT Sport 2 & Eurosport, 6am court event since the Australian Open in January.
Clifford won in three games, 9-0, 10-9, 9-5, in his final against Adrian Wright.
STEVE LAWLEY (21-7) landed Rhos Park A a 9-5 win over Denbigh A to reclaim pole position in the NORTH WALES COAST LEAGUE'S Section A.
IF THE second generation 9-5 Aero is anything to go by - then it is to be hoped that Saab can overcome its current financial difficulties.
IF THE second generation 9-5 Aero is anything to go by, it is to be hoped that Saab can overcome its current financial difficulties.
But that is exactly what has happened with the all-new Saab 9-5 saloon, a statement of their future direction and, in my view, the best car the company has ever made.
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It represents the environmental face of the 9-5 range whereas the car I drove is best described as old school with a ferocious thirst and little respect for rain forests.
SAAB is aiming to take the executive sector of the UK car market by storm with its new 9-5 model, which is a quantum leap in terms of style and sophistication.
It's been a long time coming, but the all new Saab 9-5 saloon finally arrived at the Concept Saab dealership in Coventry last month, and we couldn't wait to get behind the wheel and test it out.
SAAB'S new 9-5 hits showrooms this summer with prices starting at pounds 26,495 for the 2.