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fourth wall joke

In fiction, especially theater, film, or television, a joke that intentionally draws attention to the illusion of separation between the audience and the fiction itself. I love it when a TV show throws in a good fourth wall joke—I think it's fun being in on the humor like that.
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*knee-high by the 4th of July

Fig. grown as tall as it should. (Corn seedlings are proverbially supposed to be as high as someone's knee by July 4th.) (*Typically: be ~; become ~; grow ~.) What with this drought, I don't think the crop will be knee-high by the 4th of July. It's gonna be a good year. Knee-high by the 4th of July.
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Description : Design and construct a right-turn lane on southbound 4th Avenue approaching 8th Street and replace traffic signal mast arm and controller.
Results, Race 1: 1st Allan Brooks, 2nd Duncan Walpole, 3rd Rhys Bamford, 4th Innes Bamford Race 2: 1st Allan Brooks, 2nd Rhys Bamford, 3rd Duncan Walpole, 4th Innes Bamford Race 3: 1st Rhys Bamford, 2nd Allan Brooks, 3rd Duncan Walpole, 4th Innes Bamford.
CPEX Real Estate has been hired exclusively by Slate Property Group and Adam America to market three properties for lease along 4th Avenue in Brooklyn.
Also: 9-4 Fav Beauboreen (IRE) 5th, 10-1 Bescot Springs (IRE) 4th.
Also: 2-1 Fav Sego Success (IRE) fell, 7-1 Ashford Wood (IRE) 4th, 16-1 Milanese (IRE) 5th, 100-1 Tamarton Tansy pulled up, 250-1 War Treaty (IRE) pulled up.
194 million in the 4th quarter 2013, including about 780 thousand in the West Bank and about 414 thousand in Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) said in a press release.
In the 4th quarter of 2012 almost 530 million SMS messages were sent in Slovenia, 92% of them by private users.
Continue to the intersection of 38th Avenue and West 4th Street.
In the Governorate of Dhofar, it will be available in the Wilayat of Shleem and Juzr Al Halaniyat on June 30th till July 2nd, in the Wilayat of Maqshan on July 3rd and 4th, in the Wilayat of Thumrait on July 7th and 8th, in the Wilayat of Al Mazyounah on July 9th till 11th, in the Wilayat of Rakhyut from June 30th till July 4th and in the Wilayat of Dhalkut on July 7th till 11th.
2% in GDP during the 4th quarter 2011 compared to the 3rd quarter 2011, and an increase of 11.
16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --An awe-inspiring spectacle of color, light and sound will rumble over New York City on Wednesday, July 4th at 9:00 pm, as Macy's 4th of July Fireworks[R], the nation's largest pyrotechnic display, ends the holiday with a big bang
Logan - S&S WORLDWIDE repudiates a news report out of Dongguan, China regarding the 4th Dimension roller coaster to be installed in Changzhou, China this year.
2000 4th (W3, L2) 6 pts 1st: England 8 pts 2nd: France 6 pts 3rd: Ireland 6 pts 4th: Wales 6 pts 5th: Scotland 2 pts 6th: Italy 2 pts Tale of the tournament: Italy were welcomed into the first the Six Nations championship andWales made history by playing at the Millennium Stadium.
The Case of the July 4th Jinx" is the fifth and latest of the Milo & Jazz mysteries, a series of armchair detective stories featuring middle school-aged sleuths Milo and Jazz, assisted by their favorite detective, Dash Marlowe.
LONDON, September 4 /PRNewswire/ -- On Monday 7th September, The 4th Market Stock Market Lottery celebrates one year of success and continues to provide an exciting new way to 'play' the stock market each day