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Information, knowledge, or details. In the US and Canada, "4-1-1" is the telephone number for Information. OK, who's got the 4-1-1 on the cute new guy in our English class?


and 411
n. information; the details about something or someone. (In the U.S., the telephone number of directory assistance or information is 411.) What’s the 411 on the new guy in the front office?


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Dr Ibrahim said TAMO 411 has been submitted for Plant Variety Protection.
In the run-up to the market launch on October 5, 1968, dealers, the press and customers responded positively to the Volkswagen 411.
Call 09062 890 205 NOW for more on your week ahead (1550 924 411 RoI)
The 411 will perform four tracks from their debut album, ``Between the Sheets'', to an invited audience of celebrities and special guests.
With a string of top ten hits already behind them The 411 - namely Tanya, Carolyn, Trisha and Susie - have already been compared with the likes of Destiny's Child and TLC.
Just a week after Girls Aloud announced they'd be topping the bill for the charity concert at Coventry's Skydome Arena, four-strong girl group 411 say they'll perform in the city too.
SASSY & stylish, The 411 girls look set to eclipse the success of their debut single, On My Knees, with this funky little number.
Lycos 411 enables live Internet assistants to deliver customized information, from the performance of a caller's stock portfolio to the contents of his or her email inbox.
Therefore, an amendment changing a plan's default provision from a cash-out to a direct rollover does not violate IRC section 411 (d)(6).
a supplier of affordable, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Access Devices, has unveiled the Xpeed 411 ADSL G.
Just have your doctor sign a short simple form and you too will be entitled to free 411 information and operator assistance every month.
This is Day Two of game 411 in your Full House Bingo card.