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circle of hell

Used to describe something or some place one considers to be utterly vile or torturous. It alludes to the misery and anguish experienced in the nine levels of hell as described by Dante Alighieri in his epic poem Inferno. The entire trade negotiation process has devolved into the fifth circle of hell, as politicians and lobbyists flail about in a sea of red tape while trying to gain some advantage over one another. This part of the country becomes the ninth circle of hell in the winter—a barren, frozen wasteland.
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the third degree

Intense or thorough interrogation, scrutiny, or questioning. Kayla's boyfriend is so controlling, always giving her the third degree if she goes anywhere or sees anyone without him. I got the third degree from the police regarding my whereabouts during the crime.
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third country

Any country that is not a member of the European Union (EU), the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), or the European Economic Area (EEA). Did the UK become a third country after Brexit? This is still considered a third country in the eyes of the EU, so you can't just move to Italy for work the way a person from, say, Hungary could.
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third wheel

Someone who has no real place or purpose in a situation, likened to a superfluous extra wheel on a two-wheeled vehicle. When Kelly invited me to go to the movies, I didn't know that her boyfriend would be joining us. I felt like a third wheel the entire night.
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third-country national

Commonly abbreviated as "TCN."
1. Someone who is not a national of a country within the European Union (EU), the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), or the European Economic Area (EEA). If we're from the UK, are we third-country nationals now, in light of Brexit? Unfortunately you're still considered a third-country national in the eyes of the EU, so you can't just move to Italy for work.
2. An employee of an international company or organization who is not from the country where they are working nor from the country where their employer is based. No, I'm actually a third-country national because I'm an Australian working in the UK for an American company.

while two dogs are fighting for a bone, a third one runs away with it

proverb When two people are engaged in trying to obtain the same thing, they are liable to miss the presence of a third party who is then able to take the thing for themselves. A: "Hal and I were fighting over the ball when Mara just came and stole it from us!" B: "Classic. While two dogs are fighting for a bone, a third one runs away with it."
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(give somebody) the ˌthird deˈgree

(informal) question somebody for a long time and in a thorough way; use threats or violence to get information from somebody: The soldiers were given the third degree in order to make them reveal the information.Why are you giving me the third degree?This expression comes from Freemasonry (= a secret society). In order to reach the highest level of the organization and become a Third Degree Mason, members are interrogated.
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third wheel

n. an extra person; a person who gets in the way. (see also spare tire.) Well, let’s face it. We don’t need you. You are a third wheel.
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