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oh dark thirty

In military time, a non-specific time in the early morning, before the sun rises. Why on earth are we meeting at oh dark thirty? That's too early to do anything besides sleep!
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be (on) the wrong side of (an age)

To be older than a certain age. Why is she dressing like a teenager when she is clearly the wrong side of 40? I'm sore after every workout these days, so I'm definitely on the wrong side of 30!
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be (on) the right side of (an age)

To be younger than a certain age. You can get away with dressing like a teenager when you're still on the right side of 30. I was never sore after working out when I was on the right side of 40!
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the sunny side of (an age)

Just a little bit younger than a landmark age, such as 20, 30, 40, etc. The thriller centers on a young journalist on the sunny side of 30 discovering the treacherous world of politics in Washington, D.C. What would you know about a business like this? You're still on the sunny side of 20!
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be on the ˌright/ˌwrong side of ˈ40, ˈ50, etc.

(informal, often humorous) be younger/older than 40, 50, etc: ‘How old is she?’ ‘On the wrong side of forty, I’d say.’
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