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be (as) easy as one-two-three

To be extremely easy, simple, or intuitive; to require very little skill or effort. (Sometimes used with the numbers spelled out ("one-two-three") or written numerically ("123" or "1-2-3").) After so many years as an accountant, doing taxes is as easy as one-two-three for me. Boy, that test was easy as 1-2-3!
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easy as one-two-three

Extremely easy. Come on, give me a hard one! These equations are easy as one-two-three!
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We are honored to recognize 123 Exteriors for superior performance in the area of ethical business practices," said Steve Bernas, President and CEO at the BBB of Chicago & Northern Illinois.
The Hardwicke Stakes was not the most satisfactory of races either, with Snow Sky making the most of an uncontested lead, but as a progressive Sir Michael Stoutetrained four-year-old further improvement was on the cards, and a RPR of 123 rates close to the better performances in the race in the last ten years bar 2010 winner Harbinger (129).
In just two years from being taken over by local online retailer Buy it Direct, Furniture 123 has doubled the amount of people visiting its website.
123 on the Park, exclusively represented by aptsandlofts.
Vietnam Visa 123 offers their rush service to citizens of over 116 countries, and they stay current on any changes in travel regulations in each country to ensure no unnecessary delays trouble their travelers.
Moreover it is possible to step from the identity permutation to a using only steps of form 123 [left and right arrow] 231.
The list of enhancements includes full customization via the new PCB 123 Software Development Kit, a bill of materials (BOM) generated and updated as the design progresses, real-time quotes for board fabrication and parts, the capability to order both boards and parts direct from the PCB 123 interface, and more fabrication options and services.
More information on the 123 model is available at www.
123, companies had the choice of accounting for share-based payments using the intrinsic value method of APB Opinion no.
123, Accounting for Stock-Based Compensation, and supersedes APB Opinion No.
Call 09069 123 600 and state the two-digit code of the item you're after.
123 specifies "disclosure" rather than "accounting" standards, since it is clear that the vast majority of companies have opted to adopt the provisions of SFAS No.
However, FAS 123 does require all companies to disclose in a financial statement footnote net income and earnings per share determined according to the rule's new - and more complex - fair value accounting.