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110 proof

Extremely strong or potent. Its original sense refers to the alcohol content of liquor. This cleanser is 110 proof. If it can't get the stain out, nothing can.
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a hundred and ten percent

An effort towards something that is greater than one believes one is capable of doing, i.e., beyond 100% of one's ability; often used as a motivation in sports. Primarily heard in US. Alright guys, we all need to dig deep for the second half of the game. Go out there and give a hundred and ten percent and bring home a win!
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give 110%

To put forth the absolute maximum amount of effort or energy possible (i.e., even more than is usually required or seems possible). We're going to have to give 110% if we want to get this project finished by the deadline. A win today secures our spot in the championship, so go out there and give 110%!
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Using the Macpresse 110, Dupage averages 1,500- to 1,540-pound bales of OCC; 1,800- to 1,900-pound bales of ledger; 2,000-pound bales of book stock; and 2,200- to 2,400-pound bales of sections, which Jurcik says compact the best.
The second environment is comprised of business critical applications whose success is dependent upon minimizing their wall clock completion time, since they must issue thousands of synchronous 110 requests (one after the completion of another) to finish.
That intermediate atom then ejected a neutron, stabilizing itself for 270 microseconds as the long-sought element 110 before undergoing a unique chain of decays.
If a secondary limitation beyond the five-year averaging rule is necessary, TEI submits that the rule should be applied to limit the allowable increase in the tax year to 110 percent of the cumulative average base period ratio rather than applying the 110-percent limitation to each base year prior to averaging.
Fined pounds 110 with pounds 60 costs andordered to pay pounds 15 compensation.
Using the Macpresse 110, Dupage averages 1,500 to 1,540-pound bales of OCC; 1,800 to 1,900-pound bales of ledger; 2,000-pound bales of book stock; and 2,200 to 2,400-pound bales of sections, which Jurcik says compact the best.
Flerov recently sent SCIENCE NEWS two papers -- one on Dubna's latest work on this element, authored by Oganessian and 15 other scientists from the Soviet Union, romania, France and the German Democratic Republic, the other a review of the program in general, in which Flerov expresses his belief in the feasibility of going for atomic numbers higher than 110.
The public procurement is for the updating of project parts of working projects for: "Repair of 110 kV" Pravets ", 110 kV" Galabets "VL, 110 kV" Bakadzhik "and 110 kV" Slavtsi "VL.
The confirmation comes by observing the decay of the supposed element 110 into a lighter element with emission of an alpha particle.
110 Central Park South was designed in the 1920's by the renowned architect, James Carpenter.
the exclusive marketing and sales agent for Anbau's newest project, 110 Central Park South, have announced a new partnership with the Central Park Conservancy.