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bat a thousand

1. In baseball, to get a hit every time one is at bat (resulting in a batting average of 1.000). The slugger is still batting a thousand after a record eight at-bats.
2. By extension, to be successful in an endeavor or in multiple areas of one's life. I'm really batting a thousand this week—I got an A on my exam, I got the lead in the school play, and I won the poetry contest!
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a picture is worth a thousand words

A single picture can express something more clearly, vividly, or succinctly than a large amount of words can. I know I'm doing a bad job of capturing the scene by describing it, so just look at this picture from their website—a picture is worth a thousand words, isn't it? You try to have characters give too much exposition. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, so use the images in your film to tell its story as much as possible.
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bat a thousand

be enjoying great success. US informal
The metaphor comes from baseball, where someone who was literally ‘batting a thousand’ would have a very high batting average.
2002 DVD Verdict Their first film, Suture , garnered them serious critical acclaim and with The Deep End , they are now batting a thousand.
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bat a ˈthousand

(American English, informal) be very successful: He’s made another sale? He’s really batting a thousand!
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