a/one hundred per cent

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a/one hundred per ˈcent

completely: I agree with you one hundred per cent.
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The legislation meant that veterans rated 100 percent disabled are paid CRDP at the full amount immediately without having to wait until 2014.
The 100% Recycled Paperboard Alliance has announced that Joe Corbi's Wholesale Pizza, a leading pizza kit and cookie dough fundraising program in the United States, has selected 100 percent recycled paperboard packaging for the company's frozen Chee-Zee Bread.
It follows a good rule of keeping it simple, with a single percentage describing the relative exposure to changing interest rates--with 100 percent being completely fixed and not exposed to rising rates, and zero percent being completely floating and perhaps enjoying the benefits of low interest expense.
A QSub election terminates if the S corp transfers 100 percent of the QSub stock, by sale or an "A," "C" or "D" reorganization, to another S corp (in a transaction not qualifying as an "F" reorganization); and
The treatments compared were: a hare rail control, a 100 percent ground dimension lumber control a ground mix of typical residential materials and a ground mix of 100 percent structural engineered wood products.
SANTA CLARITA - Ten million dollars in debt, Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital, Santa Clarita's only such facility, has come up with a four-year plan to repay its creditors 100 percent, and yet the proposal is meeting some unexpected resistance.
When several known factors are taken into account, it is even possible to find that they account for more than 100 percent of deaths -- a nonsensical result.
Dallas-based Capital Senior Living Corporation (CSL) is taking steps to simplify its capital structure, capture 100 percent of the appreciation of its assets, continue its growth, and maximize value to shareholders through enhanced cash flow and higher net asset values.
The company's toilet tissue, paper towels and napkins are 100 percent recycled (all with a minimum 60 percent post-consumer content) and whitened without bleach.
With the November opening of the new flagship shop for gourmet food purveyor Devon & Blakely at 461 Fifth Avenue, all the retail space for the first-class commercial tower is 100 percent leased, announced Rob Nager, director of Retail Leasing for Abrams Benisch Riker, Inc.
Using two distributed processing centers, Zoot achieved 100 percent uptime in 2006, the third year of 100 percent uptime for clients utilizing Zoot's distributed application environment.
Products made with 100 percent recycled paperboard packaging took home the rigid box best-in-show award and won 16 excellence awards and eight gold awards in the National Paperbox Association's (NPA) 55th Annual Packaging Competition, which was held in January and announced this spring.
However, for community property, 100 percent of the property's fair market value on the date of the decedent's death, or applicable alternate valuation date, generally becomes the property's income tax basis [Sec.
For example, they argue that the company cannot guarantee it will receive all the state water it requests, so should downsize its supply projections to between 50 percent and 100 percent of the water it asks for.
Bellingham is the largest local government buying 100 percent green power in the United States and the first local government on the EPA's Top 10 Local Government Partners list to go 100 percent green.