(well,) I never!

(well,) I never!

An expression of shock or surprise. Sometimes used ironically or sarcastically. Well, I never! Such horrible language out of such a young child! To think that a company would prioritize profit over consumer benefit—I never!

(Well,) I never!

1. Inf. I have never been so humiliated! Bill: Just pack up your things and get out! Jane: Well, I never! Tom: Look, your manners with the customers are atrocious! Jane: Well, Inever!
2. Inf. I never heard of such a thing. Tom: Now they have machines that will do all those things at the press of a button. Sally: Well, I never! I had no idea! John: Would you believe I have a whole computer in this pocket? Alice: I never!

ˌwell I ˈnever (ˈdid)!

(old-fashioned, informal) used to express surprise: Well I never! Fancy meeting you here!
See also: well
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