(one) is (just) too much

(one) is (just) too much

One is really hilarious, entertaining, witty, etc. Sarah's new boyfriend is just too much—he had us in stitches all night! A: "So then I said, 'What, me worry?'" B: "Hahaha! Oh, Connie, you're too much!"
See also: much
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*too much

overwhelming; excellent. (*Typically: be ~; get to be ~.) It's wonderful. It's just too much! You are so kind. This is too much.
See also: much

You're too much!

1. Inf. You are too much of a problem for me. Andy: You're too much! I'm going to report you to the head office! Bob: Go ahead. See if I care. Bob: Get out! Just go home! You're too much! Andy: What did I do? Bob: You're a pest!
2. . Inf. You are just too funny, clever, entertaining, etc. Alice: Oh, Fred, that was really funny. You're too much! Fred: I do my best. Sally: What a clever thing to say! You're too much! Andy: Actually, I didn't make it up myself.
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too much

mod. overwhelming; excellent. It’s wonderful. It’s just too much!
See also: much
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