(one) doesn't miss a trick

(one) doesn't miss a trick

One never misses an opportunity to benefit or gain an advantage from a particular situation, especially in an underhanded or ethically dubious manner. There's always someone out trying to make a quick buck during the aftermath of a disaster. People don't miss a trick. When you're hiring a PR consultant, you want someone who doesn't miss a trick. A: "Don't worry about the burnt roast, Grandma. If you let us have ice cream for dinner, we won't tell Mommy—it'll be our little secret." B: "Boy, you don't miss a trick!"
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he, she, etc. doesn’t miss a ˈtrick

(also he, she, etc. doesn’t ˈmiss much) (spoken) used to say that somebody notices every opportunity to gain an advantage: I’m sure Julie knows your secret — she never misses a trick!How did he know it was the right time to sell all his shares in the company? He doesn’t miss much, does he?
See also: miss, trick
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miss a trick, doesn't/not to

Not overlooking a single opportunity to profit. This term very likely comes from whist and related card games, in which a trick is a group of cards played and won in one round. The player who amasses the highest possible number of tricks wins the game. It began to be transferred to other activities in the mid-twentieth century. “Those boys haven’t missed a trick,” wrote Emma Lathen in Murder Against the Grain (1967).
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