(just/right) up (one's) street

(just/right) up (one's) street

Ideally suited to one's interests. Anna loves watching movies, so I'm sure she'll go to the film festival with you—that's right up her street.
See also: street, up

right up your street


just up your street

mainly BRITISH
If something is right up your street or just up your street, it is the kind of thing you like or know about. If you like casual yet elegant clothes, then this collection should be right up your street. I read a review of the book and thought it would be right up my street. Note: The usual American expression is right up your alley.
See also: right, street, up

up (or right up) your street

well suited to your tastes, interests, or abilities. informal
A North American variant of this expression is up your alley .
See also: street, up
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