(every) now and again

(every) now and again

Occasionally; sometimes. I don't travel often, but every now and again I just need to get away from the city. My mom has sweets now and again but mostly eats only healthy foods.
See also: again, and, now

now and again

Also, now and then. See every now and then.
See also: again, and, now

(every) now and aˈgain/ˈthen

occasionally: We see each other every now and again.She sat by the window, looking out now and then to see if they were coming.‘How often do you go to the theatre?’ ‘Now and then. Not often.’ OPPOSITE: all the time (2)
See also: again, and, now

every now and

From time to time; occasionally.
See also: and, every, now

now and

See also: and, now
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