(as) regular as clockwork

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(as) regular as clockwork

1. Occurring at consistent, predictable intervals or points in time. One thing I loved about living in Germany was that the trains were always regular as clockwork. Every evening at 8 PM, as regular as clockwork, my dad sits in his armchair and reads the newspaper for exactly 45 minutes. We're almost at Christmas break, and my students have zero interest in class. The same thing happens every year, regular as clockwork.
2. slang To have reliable, healthy bowel movements. I've been as regular as clockwork ever since I started eating a healthier balance of protein, fiber, and carbohydrates. Drinking all of this prune juice keeps me regular as clockwork! Lately, I've been dealing with constipation. I miss the days when I was regular as clockwork.
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*regular as clockwork

Cliché very regular; completely predictable. (*Also: as ~.) George goes down to the bus stop at 7:45 every morning, as regular as clockwork. You can always depend on Nancy to complain about the office for fifteen minutes every afternoon, regular as clockwork.
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(as) regular as ˈclockwork

very regularly; happening at the same time in the same way; reliable: She arrives at work on her bicycle at 8.45 every day, as regular as clockwork.
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