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stack Z's

To get some sleep. We've got a pretty long layover before our next flight, so I'm going to try to stack some Z's at the gate. A: "Where's Jeff?" B: "Upstairs stacking Z's. It's been a hard week for him."
See also: stack

catch some Zs

 and cop some Zs; cut some Zs
to get some sleep. (In comic strips, Zs are used to show that someone is sleeping or snoring.) I gotta catch some Zs before I drop. Why don't you stop a little bit and try to cop some Zs?
See also: catch, zs

big Zs

n. sleep. I need me some of them big Zs.
See also: big, zs

blow Zs

tv. to sleep. I got to blow Zs for a while; then we’ll talk.
See also: blow, zs

catch some Zs

and cop some Zs and cut some Zs
tv. to get some sleep. Why don’t you stop a little bit and try to cop some Zs? Max pulled over to the side of the road to catch some Zs.
See also: catch, zs

cop some Zs

See also: cop, zs

cut some Zs

See also: cut, zs