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1. and zot. (zɑt) n. zero; nothing. I went out to get the mail, but there was zot.
2. tv. to kill someone or something. Sam threatened to zotz Joel Cairo, but it was just a threat.


See zotz
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Twenty-two, or 40 percent of respondents fell into this narrow ZOT.
The ZOT is usually narrow and an expansile bubbly appearance is common (Figures 2, 8).
A resident of Leh, Rinchin Tsewang, said sattu ( roasted and minced rice), pawa ( special bread), flour, rice, dried vegetables and other eatables are kept in zot , but the floods that ravaged the town spoiled these storehouses too.
This has resulted in some wonderful child friendly designs including an award friend, an alien called Zot, who helps children to progress through the different stages to achieving the award.
Comme Elaise s'affolait, elie lui souffla, en negligeant de se dechirer la bouche avec le francais: Se douvan zot kale a pwezen.
Leumat zot `in contrast' indicates a contrast between two consecutive subsegments ("expands" in Britton's [1994] terms), while vekanire she `and it seems that' functions to introduce the conclusion of the entire text.
A 82 km long pipeline connects PSO ZOT to the HUBCO Power Plant.
They also identified the protein on intestinal cells to which Zot binds, triggering the loosening of the tight junctions.
Sally Khudairi of the Zot Group added that "it is difficult for even XML pioneer companies to keep up with the volatile standards.
Thereby, without saying so, she quotes a Dutch proverb, namely, "Eene wijze vrouw is tweewerf zot.
Other purposively idiosyncratic and attention-calling names of stars' children: Jena Malone's Ode Mountain, Sam Worthington's Rocket Zot, Holly Madison's Rainbow Aurora, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's North, Beyonce's Blue Ivy, Ed Harris' Heiress, Ashlee Simpson's Jagger Snow and Bronx Mogley, Courtney Cox's Cocoa, Rob Kardashian's Dream, Jamie Oliver's River Rocket, Megan Fox's Journey River, Alanis Morissette's Onyx Solace and Liv Tyler's Lula Rose and Sailor Gene.
Then, after resting up at the hotel, it was out for a dinner of steaming bowls of mussels and Brugge Zot, the only beer to be brewed in Bruges, plus roast chicken for Raffi, at De Koetse restaurant where the tourist menu costs just under [euro]35 (dekoetse-brugge.
cholerae O1 and O139 isolates were positive for ctxA, tlc, ace, and zot and possessed ET biotype-specific markers tcp[A.
cholerae WO7 to produce a toxin 10 times more potent than CT, in spite of the absence of ctx, zot and ace genes, is a cause for concern and the foregoing findings warrant further in-depth studies of this strain.
Residents of Dogo Nahawa, Zot and Ratsat, about 15 km (9 miles) south of the central city of Jos, buried dozens of bodies including those of women and children in a mass grave on Monday following the attacks, which they blamed on Muslim herders.