zoom past

zoom past someone or something

to run or move past someone or something very rapidly. The runners zoomed past the spectators. Our train zoomed past town after town.
See also: past, zoom
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In a video posted on The Times of India website, the mother cow is seen running alongside the vehicle on a busy road as other vehicles zoom past.
Being a fan of speed and thrill, I got excited when I saw this black beast zoom past me.
Ateneo's fourth straight win and La Salle's third in a row enabled the archrivals to zoom past UP, which dropped to 4-1.
The SmartPoint rocket can zoom past five SmartPoint locations to hear fun phrases and music.
I have often had to jump to one side as they suddenly zoom past.
And with this, a fleet of Robot Race-cars zoom past you, as you cheer for your favourite one.
Sometimes you can hear their wings as they zoom past menacingly in search of prey.
Winn was spotted by a police officer, who was parked off Whitehills Way, Chester-le-Street, County Durham, zoom past.
While driving at 100 kmph (the legal speed limit on highways), I saw a car zoom past me - easily at a speed of above 140 kmph.
Scientists have confirmed that the asteroid, which has been named 2003 DZ15, will zoom past Earth at a distance of 3.
AN asteroid around three times the size of the Titantic is due to zoom past Earth.
Melbourne, Feb 16 ( ANI ): In a chilling coincidence, a meteor exploded above Russia's Ural Mountains just hours before a 45-metre asteroid was due to zoom past Earth.
Wagon stands are functioning alongside the roads and after every-minute wagon zoom past posing life risk to us, said a group of students while standing on one side of road waiting to cross the road at Banni Chowk.
Though I would never buy a scooter, if I were to win one I wouldn't give up the option to zoom past the crowd every weekend
My neighbours and I have fought a long battle with the council and the police to slow down the Formula One-style racers who zoom past our homes.