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comfort zone

1. A place, activity, situation, or psychological state in which a person feels free from anxiety and is within his or her realm of ability, experience, security, and/or control. Though it is often outside your comfort zone, traveling to foreign countries gives you a much greater perspective on how other people in the world live. The new job is a little out of my comfort zone, but it will give me a great opportunity to see what I'm truly capable of.
2. The temperature range wherein the human body feels naturally comfortable, being neither too hot nor too cold. Many retired Americans, being more sensitive to the cold, settle in Florida, where the balmy weather better suits their comfort zones.
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zone something as something

to create a particular legally defined area within a governmental or other local area. They zoned this area as a shopping district. The city council zoned the vacant lot as a park.
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zone something for something

to specify what can be built or what can be done within a particular legally defined area within a governmental area. Did the council zone this area for business? They zoned this area for residences.
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zone something off

to create a special regulatory zone in an area. The council zoned part of the land off for a park. They zoned off land for a park.
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zone out

to not notice or stop being interested in what is happening around you When I'm dancing I zone out and feel like I'm the only one in the room. I just flew in from Europe this morning, so don't get upset if I just zone out in the middle of the meeting.
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the twilight zone

the area where one thing ends and another begins, especially when it is not clear exactly where or when this happens (often + between ) She'd been unconscious ever since she fell, trapped in the twilight zone between life and death.
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in the zone

  (mainly American informal)
If you are in the zone, you are happy or excited because you are doing something easily and with skill. My legs are feeling strong and my breathing's good - I'm in the zone!
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zone out

Stop paying attention, dissociate oneself from a situation. Also, engage in a mindless activity. For example, When Felicia starts talking about her ailments and her friends' ailments, I totally zone out . This idiom also occurs in the passive, be zoned out. It originally alluded to narcotic intoxication and then was broadened to other kinds of dissociation. For a near synonym, see tune out, def. 2. [Slang; second half of 1900s]
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zone for

To restrict some section of an area or territory to some specific use: That area used to be farmland until the city zoned it for industrial use. That entire block is zoned for residences, so you can't open a business there.
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zone off

To restrict or reserve a section of some area or territory: The city zoned off these blocks for commercial use. The police zoned the town hall off from vehicular traffic.
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zone out

v. Slang
1. To lose concentration or become inattentive: I sensed the class was zoning out, so I started talking louder.
2. To lose awareness of one's surroundings: An hour after I took the cough syrup, I lay back in bed and zoned out.
3. To refuse to pay attention to someone or something; ignore someone or something: The athlete zoned out the jeering crowd and made the free-throw shot. Every time I try to give you advice, you zone out everything I say.
4. To cause someone or something to lose awareness of one's surroundings: The medication that I take zones me out.
5. To exclude someone or something by restricting a section of an area or territory: Farmers complain that the government has zoned them out of the best farmland. The city zoned out adult entertainment companies.
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in the O-zone

mod. dead; on the verge of death; showing the O-sign. (With the mouth hanging open, like the letter O.) This patient is in the O-zone. Ready to go at any minute.

in the Q-zone

mod. dead; on the verge of death; with the mouth showing the Q-sign. Look at that tongue hanging out. This guy’s in the Q-zone.

war zone

n. an area where things get rough; a tough neighborhood. Unfortunately our offices are in a war zone, and we have to be on the way home before dark.
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zoned (out)

1. mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. What’s the matter with your eyes? Get a little zoned last night?
2. mod. exhausted. After a day like this, I’m really zoned.
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in the zone

Informal In a state of focused attention or energy so that one's performance is enhanced: a goalie who was in the zone throughout the playoffs.
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The New York City zoning authorities have been dynamically rewriting zoning ordinances over the past five years, creating new waterfront neighborhoods, as well as protecting existing residential communities from higher density development.
In this respect zoning has followed economic demand and the political will of the city's residents.
By incorporating Zoning functionality in every switch, storage managers have greater flexibility in allocating fabric resources and they can maximize their investment in storage network infrastructure.
Zoning is an efficient means to implement heterogeneous platforms, maximize common resources, implement security policies, and amortize storage network investment.
We know that certain kinds of church activities can be prohibited under zoning such as 'accessory uses' which, in zoned cities, are not protected by the first amendment but are protected in unzoned Houston by property rights.
The ministers also stressed issues of economic empowerment, noting that, historically, zoning has been "used against minorities and the poor" and has hurt the growth of multi-ethnic businesses.
The new handbook contains innovative graphics illustrating typical buildings each zoning district produces with improved explanatory captions; color photographs of buildings that typify zoning districts in neighborhoods throughout the city; tables for every zoning district listing applicable bulk regulations including height and setback, parking and yard requirements and minimum lot size.
There are listings of comparable residential districts for each commercial district; details on new zoning districts and techniques that have been developed in recent years to manage growth and preserve the character of lower-density neighborhoods with illustrative photographs; descriptions of waterfront zoning regulations including requirements for public access; a simplified use group chart showing uses permitted in residential, commercial and manufacturing zoning districts.
The Zoning Board of Appeals denied the application, relying on evidence submitted by objecting neighbors that the subdivision would negatively impact the character of the neighborhood: a modem home in a distinctively neo-Tudor neighborhood and a home located 40 feet from another home when average distance between other homes is 50 feet, as well as concerns regarding traffic and parking problems.
The trial court affirmed the determination of the Zoning Board of Appeals, but the Appellate Division, Second Department, reversed, finding that the determination was not supported by substantial evidence.
The new zoning will place controls on zoning lot mergers and constrain the transfer of unused development rights from existing buildings.
It will also tighten the rules governing the development of split lots that straddle zoning districts.
Even if sophisticated borrowers commence the zoning clue diligence very early in the due diligence period, results will be mixed with each municipality.
Some refuse to issue any statement whatsoever with respect to zoning.
These applications were filed under Section 72-01(b) of the Zoning Resolution.